How To Choose a Computer That Runs The Sims 3 Smoothly (with Recommendations)

Many of you ask me on a weekly basis about my computer specifications and how I get my game to play without lagging and massive glitches. I bought this computer specifically to play The Sims 3 without any lagging issues. What I did was, I looked at the system requirements to run the game, which can be found here, and went as far above them as I possibly could within my budget. I did have a budget of $1000, I only spent $800 of that (this includes the tower, monitor, speakers, and wireless adapter) after choosing everything that I want. For example, the requirements call for at least a 2.4 GHz processor. I chose a 3.2 GHz processor. It is not the best processor in the world, but it will do the trick. Also, when it comes to processors, the two main brands that you might come across are Intel and AMD. I highly recommend an Intel processor. There is a bunch of nerdy talk that I could go into right now, but it’s unnecessary because not everyone is tech savvy and would not understand the lingo that I would throw out . Just take my recommendation on that to heart. Another aspect when it comes to choosing a computer is how much RAM you have installed. The requirements call for at least 1.5GB of RAM, but I have 8GB of RAM. That is a huge difference, and I will tell you that the more RAM you have, the more expensive your computer will be. This is also true with the processor. I do recommend at least 6GB of RAM, which is a lot more common than it was when The Sims 3 first came out. I have a laptop that has 3GB of RAM and a 2.4GHz Intel processor and it still does not do the trick. All computer specifications will be available when you are purchasing a computer, whether it’s online or in a store.

If you are in the market for a computer that will run the game and all of it’s expansions and stuff packs smoothly, I recommend this Sony VAIO E laptop. It is the cheapest one that I’ve seen that has great specs to conquer  games even more demanding than The Sims 3. It might be a bit pricey, but compared to how long it will last, it’s worth it. There is a desktop tower that I recommend. It is the Lenovo IdeaCentre. I know what you are thinking (“What in the fuck is that?”). Well, when you purchase an HP, Dell, or Mac, a decent potion of that money is being spent on just the name of the product and not actually what comes with it. Finding a newer brand is a very cost-effective way of getting what you want.  The tower mentioned has great specifications and is about $150 cheaper than a Dell or HP with the same specs.. These computes are linked to Best Buy. If this store or products are not available in your county, use this as a guide to help you find something that is. I really hope this helped. Love you all!

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  1. Thank you Quxxn it helped

  2. will it work with a mac?

  3. hello,
    first of all great LP’s ;)
    but when i look at them i see your game runs really wel,my game not so wel :-s and my comp schould run it wel

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
    8192MB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1gb

    normaly it would run the game very well??is it mayby possible to post your screen settings from in the game??

  4. I have a AMD Processor and it SUCKS BALLS. My moms laptop has a Intel i5 processor and it runs great. But she wont let me keep my games on her computer. And she said my computer was more expensive than hers…. mine is a piece of junk lol. Hers is a HP and mine is a eMachine…. Just doenst make sense to me… thanks Quxxn, I might look into buying the Sony – Vaio (:

  5. This actually answered my drawback, thanks!

  6. thank u so much

  7. hi quxxn:)

  8. I love your vidios Quxxn ( im not a good speller) but i love it when you make me laugh once i lauged threw a whole vidio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK QUXXN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @quxxn im sorry about putting this on your website my qustion is —> If you were to meet one of your sims in real life who would it be Annabell or Summer?

  10. i want to know if the sims 3 works on a acer notebook, if u don’t have all the stuff requires for the sims 3, it will not miss up my laptop????? & is it totally safe to sign to be a user for youtube????

    • I had an Asus netbook (not the same brand, but same idea), a notebook/netbook is NOT good for running a game, it messes up the computer (my Asus just died) and it has barely any space and is just as expensiv as my favorite Dell desktop, so I wouldn’t play Sims 3 on a laptop, netbook or notebook unless it REALLY goes above and beyond the spec requirements. For your YouTube question, I don’t quite understand…

  11. Where did you buy your computer?
    Would you have gotten a faster processor if you could afford it, if so which one?
    I am going to be getting a computer within the next few months and would love your feedback before I go and spend to much.
    Also I have watched your videos on Youtube I like them!

  12. Where should I buy it?
    Where would you recomend? :-)

  13. Lalakaka palapa

    Hey Quxxn I was wondering what graphics card you have and/or reccomend? I want a really good but inexpensive one. :)

  14. So the lenovo computer you recommended, is that the one you play the sims 3 on? And If not, how much ghz of the processor do you have?

  15. You talk a lot in this post about processor and ram but nothing about video cards. I was wondering what kind of video card would be good for both sims 2 and 3?

  16. I know a decent amount about computers and a lot of you ask about graphics cards…
    Processor: Intel i5 or i7 though pretty much anything but Intel will work, but I highly reccomend

    Graphics card: Let me just start off by saying Intel makes horrible graphics cards. The real decision is how much you want to pay. AMD is your best choice for inexpensive with good graphics, but Nvidia currently has the best graphics cards out there, however they cost a lot more then AMD.

    As far as RAM and hard drive space goes the more the better.

    • Cool thanks! I’m getting a computer in July and I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out what video card I should get.

  17. What do you use to record your videos cuz I will start making videos with windows and I want to have the right one.

  18. Thanks you answered all my questions. :)

  19. do you know any laptops that will run the sims 3 and if you do do you know the price of one hopefully cheap

  20. So I just recently got my tax money back and I am finally able to start looking for a new laptop to play The Sims 3. Right now I have a Dell Inspiron with a pentium dual-core processor 2.0 GHz Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics card and it supports 3GB of memory. I already know that under these specifications that my computer will not run the game well and that eventually the stress placed on the graphics card will cause it to break and because it is integrated it will basically total my whole computer. My main question is when looking for a laptop that is going to run the sims 3 well, with let’s say…all of the expansion packs, but no stuff packs, what graphics card would I be looking for. Because some websites say that Nvidia or AMD would be better than an intel graphics card. Also in regrads to brand of computer what would you recommend? Dell, toshiba, lenovo, HP, stuff like that?

    Sorry if all of these questions seem stupid, I did read the post, I just wanted to get a little more into detail about it because honestly I trust a gamer more than I trust the tech support for a name brand because they are trying to sell their shit and you (hopefully) just want to be helpful to other gamers.

    • if you want to stay with Inspiron, which I recommend, go with the 570 (just search Inspiron on and it is affordable and it goes above and beyond requirements and is SUPER fast.

      • I am running Sims with all expansions on a Dell Inspiron 570 with windows 7 64 bit, and I have all kinds of trouble with it and it is slowwwwww. It takes about 26 hours to download the game. I use a disk instead as I can’t wait for this. I got my grandson a Lenovo K430 and he can run anything and it is fast>>>>>>>> I got all the upgrades including the graphics card on my Dell and his computer was cheaper and runs much better than my Dell. Besides that I got the extended warranty on the Dell and they do not acknowledge it only for parts not for any help so that is sure a waste, as my Dell cannot be upgraded past the 8GB and my grandsons has 12Gb and can go to 60GB with upgrades and 2 TB of storage. He has tons of games on his and I put my sims on there and I can play when he is not here, on my Dell Inspiron it is iffy if I can play it. So I would not be recommending the Dell Inspiron 570 if it were me I would be recommending the Lenovo K430 with upgrades and still I paid less then I did for my Dell, both are desktops. The OP recommends a Lenovo also I agree with her, as soon as I save up enough I am getting a Lenovo.

  21. i have a MacBook Pro Laptop the Small 1 and my Game Runs Perfect:D but I.D.K. how to Record i know it’s not with a Cam but with Hypercam Buddy or Fraps?! what should i Download?!

    • I had the same problem since I have a mac and not a windows so fraps wont work. After doing some research I discovered a few and tried them out (some free versions and some full versions downloaded illegally). So far the only one that worked for me was Screenflow. The free version has a watermark and the price of buying it is way to pricey (99$!) but people that have downloaded it for free say it doesn’t really work well. Hope it helped!

  22. Hey Quxxn! Just some piece of information: the sims 3 wont work better if you have 8GB of RAM and not 3. I used to think that it did but after having serious issues with my game I asked a specialist who told me that more RAM wont really help. Since then I have asked more than one person but they all agree. I am saying this only because I think you and all the readers should know its not worth spending that much money on RAM…

  23. I was wondering if there needed to be any upgrades for the lenovo desktop you mentioned. It seems like it’d work well, but the graphics card seems very low-end.

    • I got the Lenovo for my grandson and you can choose in the specs if you buy from the company not Best Buy, you can choose a better graphics card. I love the Lenovo it works well and has a lot of room for expansion.

  24. how do the graphics look with the laptop?

  25. Omg..I have that Sony Vaio laptop too,and The Sims 3 runs soo smoothly on it so I recommend it too. :)♥

  26. Thanks Quxxn, I’ve devised a plan! I’ll get a new desktop (The Lenovo thing you mentioned) and keep my laptop for the sims 2! THANK YOU!!!!

  27. I Know This Is A Kinda Late Comment But……..My Birthday was On June 13 And I Got ADell Inspiron Switch From My Dad. I Downloaded Content From The Sims 3 Store.Most Of it is From When I Watched Your Videos On My Kindle Fire before I got My Laptop.But I Have The Sims 3 base game And The Sims 3 Showtime. Which You Inspired me To Get. So I Was Really Dissapointed When I Read That You Didn’t Like it. But Any Ways, I’m Going To e Doing An LP On Showtime and I wanted To Know what Recorder Thing do You use ? Because I’m getting A Microphone But I Dont Know What recorder To use . Is It A Download From A Website ? Because I Watched Alot Of Youtube Videos Saying That Camstudio And Hypercam Are The best. So I tried HyperCam2 and it Worked Fine But It Gave My Computer Viruses And All That Jazz. Help ! Please Reply back

  28. Thank you so much for the info.. even though I didn’t really understand some of it haha.. (i don’t know very much about computers) I was just wondering though if you could answer this for me? I had been watching your videos and brought the sims 3 pets.. It was all good until when I clicked to create a family all my pets were glitched?!? My sims are perfect but I don’t know what happened to the pets =[ Their jaws are on the floor and its really scary.. Have you ever had this problem before?

    Em =]

    • I have had the same problem, and all it was was like the graphics card was sooooooo bad and stuff like that…It may be the graphics card :)

  29. Hey Quxxn,
    So Im thinking about getting a new desktop computer to specifically play the sims 3, but Im not sure whether or not to build or buy it. My goal is to have acomputer to easily run the sims 3 on max settings no problem. If I were to build it, these are the parts I would grab:

    Intel Core i5-2500k Processor
    EVGA GeForce GTX 560
    Corsair XMS3 8GB
    Asus P8Z68-V LX LGA 1155 Z68 ATX Intel Motherboard
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB
    Asus 24xDVD-RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive DRW-24B1ST
    Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case
    OC2 ModXStream Pro 700W Modular High Performance Power Supply

    buy one of these 4 desktops:

    Thank you!


  30. puglover0817

    the link to the sony vaio e laptop that you recommend is a “page not found”. can you provide a new link or the product name/number of it? thanks! :)

  31. Thanks Quxxn this really helped!!! I have a HP computer and it used to run the game really well. Now that I have Showtime on the other hand the game has gotten do many glitches it’s not even funny. I have contemplated uninstalling the EP, but I love all of it’s CAS items and funiture it brings to the game.
    So I was wondering if it does the same thing for you. I don’t get wedding gifts anymore. Like they will show up in the mail box but they won’t appear in my family inventory. An oh yeah my game freezes like all the time. I know I does that for yours during your world adventures LP but I was wondering if anything else is glitching if too so I can reassure myself that this isn’t only happening to me.
    Thanks for your amazing help and I live your videos!!!

  32. Which would probably make a bigger difference in running the game smoother, more ram or a better processor?

  33. I have found a samsung RF511 1TB 2.5GHz extreme laptop 8GB of Ram, intel i5 processor…..should that do the trick???

  34. Hi Quxxn! I love your videos :) I was just wondering does the sony thing have a cd drive??? Thanks :)

  35. Hi! I looked at the Dell Inspiron 570 in your recommendations, but am curious if the graphics card is good. I would be willing to buy a seperate card as well, but I am unsure of which one to pick.

  36. Carlene Campbell

    hey. im looking to buy a new laptop or computer for all the sims 3 expansion packs. ( i don’t bother with the stuff packs)
    right now i have a laptop but it lags so much when i play. i really want my graphic settings for the game high but when i do that on this laptop it crashes, lags, doesn’t load everything etc..

    here are the details of my current laptop :
    OS – windows 7 home premium 64 bit
    processor – intel B800
    graphics – intel HD graphics
    memory – 6GB DDR3 memory
    storage – 750GB HDD

    please can you recommend the best for all the sims 3 expansion packs!

  37. I’m planning on buying a new laptop mostly because I want a laptop that will run the sims 3 and expansion packs smoothly without crashing/lagging. I have read the sims 3 system requirments on the official site but its just made me more confused :/ Im a huge noob when it comes these stuff so Im hoping that someone can give me a postitive answer on will the laptop linked below run the sims 3 and expansion packs smoothly ?
    Heres the link :

  38. Hi i was wondering would the Sims 3 run really smooth on a new PC desktop im looking at its a HP Pavilion p6-2260ea Desktop PC – general info:

    Processor – Intel® Core™ i3-2120 3.3 GHz Processor (3 MB L3 cache)
    Ram – 6GB
    Operating System – Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64
    Hard drive – 1TB
    Optical disk drive -DVD writer SATA
    Cache memory – 3MB
    Graphics card – Intel HD Graphics
    Please reply asap

  39. Hi, i’m a bit of a computer noob, so i’m a little confused still, If i buy the sony vaio, would i still need to buy the desktop tower she also recommended? can someone answer this for me please? it would be a great help :)

  40. what on screen camera do you use?

  41. Your soooooooo Awesome!!<3

  42. Cool, you have helped me well. I need new comp. to TS3, and I have found for
    1700 zł (polish valute) what is $517 and I think it’s better than you showed cause TS3 doesn’t requires 8GB RAM, but better processor.

    Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V ~ $72.68
    Graph. Card – Gigabyte GV-R775OC-1GI ~ $124.98
    Disk – Western Digital WD5000AUDX OEM ~ $82.71
    AC – Fortron ATX HEXA 400W 120 mm (HE-400) ~ $48.96
    Procesor – Intel Core i3-2120 3.3GHz (BX80623I32120) BOX ~ $141.70
    Memory – Good Ram DDR3 4096MB PC1333 CL9 ~ $23.11
    BOX – SilentiumPC Brutus 410 Pure Black AT X/SSD ~ $42.27

    Don’t buy computer made by sellers, cause they choose the cheapest and the worst equipment. Greets, xxx

  43. Whats your settings for Sims 3 gameplay or whatever its called?

    Love your LP’s by the way


  44. Thank you this really helped me choose a new computer as mine is on the verge of dying. I was just wondering what Sony Vaio you meant? I was thinking this one was good and meets all the requirments you recommended however I don’t quite understand the GHZ one so can you just check this over please. Thanks, love your videos :) Here is the computer;
    I would also get a 8GB RAM too;

  45. I use an HP Pavilon dv7 laptop with Nvidia Graphics and intel….Cost me about $1000 about 4 years ago. I love it. All my games and EP’s run perfect. I have up to Supernatural with all EP’s. Got it at Best Buy. Might be cheaper now =) Only issue I ever had was with overheating. I bought a cheap cooling pad and no problems since.

  46. Hi Quxxn! Thanks so much for these tips. I’m looking to buy a comp sometime soon. (Well I’d get it sooner if I actually get a design chosen by Threadless >.<) But anyways, your tips and vids really help me out. Keep it up!

  47. Thanks for the tips Quxxn! Although, I might add that integrated graphic cards are almost always inferior when it comes to discrete, gaming class cards. Especially if you ever plan on upgrading.

  48. So cool! I don’t have a computer that will play the sims because my computer is the oldest laptop in the world. That’s why I watch your LP’s that you pot on YouTube. I play the sims 3 through you. I do have it on the wii, but you can’t become a vampire or anything like that on the wii. I enjoy your LP’s a whole lot and thanks for inspiring me for when I hopefully be able to buy a computer to make sims just like you. And you are amazing at building houses even though you say you aren’t.

  49. Hi I am thinking about buying a computer over the next year so is this one sure enough to be a good gaming PC that can run the Sims 3 as I am turning 12 this year and can finally play the Sims. Please reply. P.S. Keep up with the good videos I really enjoy them. Thnx!

  50. I use xD

  51. Thanks for this. I just purchased a Lenovo Idea Center 430K for my grandson I got the top of the line, as he plays other games, not the sims. He is very happy with it, and does not get lag. He has 16GB of memory and 2TB of storage, so I think he may be set for awhile. I love the fact that they can be upgraded very easy. His friend has an Alienware and when he first took it out of the box it did not work! after about 3 replacements the computer finally worked. He has more ram but the same amount of storage and way more memory, but the Lenovo if you customize it you can get the same specs or better, a little at a time, but you still start out with a good computer that you can use.

  52. Hello I’m on a budget love to play the sim3 game we have at least 8 of the sims3 games. The computer is freezing we tried every thing to fix it, video card is a9800 GeForce , 2GB so with that said. EA thinks it might be the hardware it’s a ACER with windows 7/64 bit. Need a new desktop computer, a cheap video card and remember I’m on a budget please please help I’m getting bored with television 😰. I hope this make sense

    • I used to own an Acer and I had no trouble playing the sims 2 I just did not have enough ram and I could not upgrade it in any way so I got a new computer, now that is a Dell and it does not play the sims 3 as well as my acer played the sims2. So I would get a Lenovo K430 it is not that expensive and it has tons of upgradeing capacity. I am going to get one of those as my next computer. Remember that the Sims 3 is a glitchy, buggy game and it does no0t always cooperate. So that said, you might want to look into a graphics card and more ram on your next computer. Just suggestions

  53. Will they run on 6GB of RAM?? I don’t have all of the expansion packs or stuff packs. Only 5 (maybe 6, if I get it for Christmas) expansion packs and 2 stuff packs, I am also not planning on getting cc. Thanks :)

    • My computer has 8GB of ram I have all the stuff packs and expansions, and a lot of cc. I also have mods and the computer lags and really does not run the sims well. I think it is my internet speed that makes it so slow. I have tried everything. I have taking out all mods and cc and the computer still runs it lousey. I would think that if the graphics card and the ISP is good than it should run just watch how much cc you put in and watch those mods, they can make the computer lag. I thing that ram is the easiest upgrade you can make on any computer so that said you can always upgrade with more ram if your computers motherboard can handle it. Also the video card is a big deal that will help to play the game better get one that is compatibole with the sims 3 there is a site that tells what is compatible google it.

  54. TheLazyScholar89

    I have all the expansions up to Showtime and I have a very well built computer (I’m a computer technician). The issue I that found I was having with slow loading was something I never considered when buying my hardware: my hard drive. It’s a 500 GB HDD @ 5400 (from an old laptop. I needed more storage and I was low on cash. Broke college student syndrome). After switching to a 7200 RPM HDD, my issues with slow loading and lagging have all but disappeared now! I’m thinking of getting a 128GB Solid State Drive next year just for my games to run off of, just to make gameplay more fluid. It’s about $110 on Newegg. Home this helped someone. <3

  55. I love watching your lps and i might just get a Sony vaio for Christmas and i think it might have a good computer aspects as you would say but some one might have made me change my mind about the computer and its the one that’s someone said they got their grandson but more likely im getting the vaio can anyone say im making a mistake?

  56. Do dell computers work well with the sims? I had a asus computer but it broke of a accident and i wanna buy another but they are expensive so should I go with the dell or asus?

  57. Hi Quxxn i am new to this all sims games and i know how good you are with games so can you tell me can sims 3 and all of its expansions and stuff packs run smooth like yours on this computer:

    Intel Core i3-3320 3.3 GHz
    MB Intel H61/USB 3.0
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    1 TB HDD
    GeForce GT 630-2GB SDDR3
    Sound 5.1 ch

  58. Hey, need some help here. I have loved and wanted the Sims 3 for many months until my mum finally bought me Sims 3 deluxe version via Ebay. I was only able to buy this because I had been given a ‘new’ laptop which was capable of running the game. It is an Acer TravelMate 5720 (specs: Intel duo core processor 2.4Ghz, 250 GB HDD, Nvidia Geforce 8400m GS 256mb, 2 GB with Windows Vista).

    Anyway, its had been running Sims smoothly, with some occasional crashes, but once I bought and downloaded Showtime and Seasons, it really started to have major problems. It crashes everytime I load up the game and the laptop sometimes shuts down automatically.

    I have decided to save up and buy a new laptop to play Sims 3 on but I am unsure if it is capable of running it smoothly. Here are the specs:

    Intel® Core™ i3-2350M 2.3 GHz
    6 GB DDR3
    750 GB SATA
    AMD Radeon HD 7470M (1 GB DDR5 dedicated)

    Advice please?

  59. I just bought a new hp laptop with windows 8. it has the new amd a10 4600m with the amd radeon 7660G graphics..and it has a hard time playing the game on low cn do it just it freezes alot for small amounts of time 2-5 sec..any reccomendation on how i should have the settings and what settings are best for a laptop like mine
    AMD a10-4600m 2.3/3.2GHz
    6GB of RAM
    750GB HDD
    AMD radeon 7660G

  60. is Dell Inspiron 5520 worth buying? it has Intel Core i7 processor, 6GB of RAM, 1TB HDD and AMD Radeon HD 7670 – 1GB graphics.

  61.;jsessionid=D43D03017CEDC5041D5F1C69A1764AD1.bbolsp-app01-09?id=1218817841301&skuId=6979599&st=Sony%20Vaio%20E&cp=1&lp=2#tab=specifications quxxn did you meant this laptop? because when i clicked on it it shoed page not found, but whatever i’m really worried about the Intel HD 4000 graphics because some people say they are not supported for the sims 3….

  62. The laptop link did not work for me. So which one in the series did u recommend. My computer guy just told me my game and laptop are crashing because i dont have enough ram and ect. He also said its getting even less able to run the game because its years old now. Id really like to play the game smoothly. Btw love your lets plays :)

  63. DISPLAY 17.3″ (43.94 СМ)HD LED 1600X900
    RAM 8 GB DDR3
    HDD 1 TB SATA 5400RPM

    Will this run fine the game????

  64. Quxxn, of the Sony VAIO E series pc’s, which would U recommend to run the Sims 3 game? I’m also looking at the Lenovo series and the H430 seems really nice. Help please.

  65. Hi guys i just want to know will the sims 3 and all of its expansions and stuff packs and some other games run smoothly and can i run the game on high settings?

    Intel Dual Core G860 3.0 GHz 3M
    MB Intel H61
    12 GB DDR3 RAM
    500 GB HDD
    nVidia GT 630-2GB SDDR3

  66. hey quxxn a have a gateway laptop ne56r1 320 ram 4gb im wondering if it will run 6 expansion packs and 2 stuff packs i really wanna download supernatural seasons pets showtime master suite and katy perry sweet treats if not how much well it hold it is 1.80gz b830 processor please help this the only laptop i have i had a dell inspiration what a disappointment core i3 help

    • RSGsims3lover

      Hi there :) I have a gateway laptop (not sure if its the same as yours) and it also has 4GB. Now the laptop will run the expansions packs but gateways are VERY LAGGY, I warn you. It does freeze from time to time but if you love sims as much as I do you’ll probably learn to make do. I recently just got a new hp desktop and it runs really well (not very laggy) but it sucks memory wise.
      Figures :-/

  67. Hi everyone,
    I’m thinking of getting a new desktop and I’ve never bought my own computer before. Any suggestions? Price limit $1200.

  68. Would anyone recommend this laptop: Acer Aspire 5742 15.6 inch Laptop (Intel Core i5-480M Processor, 6 GB RAM , 500 GB HDD, DVD-Super Multi DL drive, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) if I wanted to play the sims lots of expansion packs and stuff packs and do other things would this laptop be good for that??????

    • I was looking at this lap top as well as the HP Envy mentioned below. Has anyone responded? Though I think the Acer Aspire V5 I was looking at had touch screen and windows 8.

  69. hey im about to get a new computer i was thinking about getting a hp envy laptop i would like to know if this would be a good laptop for playing the sims 3 HP – ENVY 15.6″ Laptop – 8GB Memory – 750GB Hard 2.6GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz) Video Memory Up to 1664MB total Intel® HD Graphics 4000 windows 8

  70. To those of you who are having a problem with HP laptops especially the HP compaq presario f700 because of the sound card STOP RIGHT NOW. You will not be able to fix this problem if you have tried everything and it says no sound card installed even after going through all the safe mode steps. Let me tell you how you can fix this nasty little problem that was made on purpose by HP manufacturer in order to make more money through tech support selling warranties ok? Go to amazon and buy a virtual 5.1 channel USB sound card for under $5 right now. Get it in 3-5 days and plug it in and it will work to get you sound. You wont have a speaker but you can use a $1 pair of headphones or buy a $5 speaker at Walmart. You can fix this. Dont grow any more gray hairs over this dumb problem. God knows I have. My ethernet plug in port went out, my sound card port went out and one other thing too. These are suppose to happen because of the way HP made the laptops though!! They did this on purpose. All you need is the USB sound card. Just type in the search on amazon — 3d sound card usb — . God bless you all and have fun.

  71. Hi Quxxn!
    Thanks for the info about the cheapest laptop I can buy: Sony Vaio E! Mom says that I will get this laptop in June and I can’t wait!
    Anyways, thanks so much for telling us about the cheapest, yet i think the best :)

    also check out my channel please:

    My Salutations


  72. Thank you so much! Very helpful. This is exactly what i needed to know in a very brief state.

  73. will the sims 3 work smoothly on lenovo c320?

  74. thank you for this info!!!! I have been frustrated and struggling with my quest for an affordable laptop that can play my sims 3 and my other games. This advice is helping me start at a good place for finding a laptop for gaming!!! Again Thank you!!! :D

  75. Hi queen! Is it required to install 1st the base game before the sims 3 university or other versions? does it required expansion packs to buy or add more items from the sims 3 store?


    This is the computer I want to save up for to play Sims3 and all expansion packs, ext. When you have time, Could you tell me if its worth getting? (=

  77. when I play the sims 3 on my mac it keeps crashing every 30 mins to an hour can some help me please

    • Marvin delas Armas

      I’m playing mine on a macbook pro, it’s really getting on my nerves grrr :( I’m planning to buy a computer for playing sims 3 only. I think you should just do the same haha cuz mac isn’t gonna change for us simmers :(

  78. Marvin delas Armas

    Hello quxxn, I was just wondering how much did you spend on your computer because I’m planning to buy the exact unit as yours if it isn’t too pricey haha Thank you!:) I’m really exhausted looking for a good and reliable computer :(

    • RSGsims3lover

      Quxxn spent about $800 on hers including speakers, a tower, a monitor, and a wireless adapter. It says in the article above :)

  79. RSGsims3lover

    I have an hp and in no way is it a gaming computer lol, but it does run the sims 3 very nicely for what it is lagging issue wise. Now I realize I need more memory for it which I’m working on but for some reason time to time it will say the sims 3 has stopped working and I will loose all my progress from till the last point I saved my file. I have absolutely no custom content an I have uninstalled all my expansions packs except for my latest one i own so I don’t think it could be a memory problem. It’s really frustrating does anyone know what the problem could be? It’s a 4GB desktop if that helps in any way lol (sorry terrible with computer lingo but I’m trying to get better)

  80. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just
    posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  81. Qxxn, I have a 4GB HP Laptop, and I’m soon getting the Pets EP. The game runs very well and I dont use much CC and I have NEVER got anything from the store. Do you think it will run like it runs now with the EP installed?

  82. Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to grasp a lot about this,
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  84. Which Sony VAIO E is it? the link doesn’t work anymore and I really want to get this laptop :)

  85. Yeah, I don’t know. My computer can play Crysis on Ultra, yet has stuttering problems with The Sims 3. -_-

  86. Sakura Msuouka

    I have a question about the Sony Vaio E
    This one I found this one:
    Would I have to expand to 8gb because of CC and Sony Vegas?
    Would it be good for video editing in addition to Sims 3?

  87. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with AMD.. I mean really. You can’t just “Not Recommend” AMD.. it’s a really good budget option, and they aren’t slow. In case you aren’t aware, Intel sure doesn’t have any 5Ghz 8 core processors, whereas AMD does. So, really.. there’s nothing wrong with AMD, and you will still enjoy your games as much as the next guy.

  88. Thanks quxxn

  89. quick question i keep getting a blue screen when ever i run sims and my computer crashes a lot it started to happen out of the blue sorry if this is annoying but you guys just seems very tech savy which i am not any help would be wonderful

  90. Does anyone know if the OS makes a difference? Windows 7 vs Windows 8?

    • I know a lot of people are having trouble with windows 8 and the sims so when I got a new computer I downgraded to windows 7 but, I got the Professional version instead of the Home Premium. Why? I was told by 2 different computer companies that Windows 8 is for tablets and touch screens and not really for gaming yet also they both told me that the operating systems were different and could be the cause of the game lagging. Windows 7 home premium takes up to 16 GB of Ram and Windows Professional takes up to 32 and Widows Ultimate can go as high as 164GB so that is just as important as components in your computer. Also sims 3 is for 32 bit systems so it would just play better on a 32 bit system so for the 64 bit which is my new computer there has to be adjustments. So that said I am guessing that the OS makes a difference.

      • I’m just curious, but what computer did you get and how did you downgrade to Windows 7? I’ve been looking for a new computer for a while but can’t seem to find one that fits all of the requirements for this game.

        • I was able to get a new computer at ibuypower they have them on sale for Independence day here are the specs x Case NZXT Phantom 410 Gaming Case – White
          0 x Case Lighting None
          0 x iBUYPOWER Labs – Noise Reduction None
          0 x iBUYPOWER Labs – Internal Expansion None
          1 x Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4770K Processor (4x 3.50GHz/8MB L3 Cache) – Intel® Core™ i7-4770K
          0 x iBUYPOWER PowerDrive None
          1 x Processor Cooling Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Cooling System – Standard 120mm Fan *FREE Upgrade from Default CPU Cooling System*
          1 x Memory 16 GB [4 GB X4] DDR3-1600 Memory Module – Corsair or Major Brand
          1 x Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 – 3GB – Single Card
          1 x Free Stuff [FREE] – EagleTech Arion Bluetooth 3.0 Headset – FREE w/ Systems over $1599 (Colors may vary)
          1 x Free Stuff [FREE Game Download] – GRID2 – FREE with Intel 4th Gen Processor
          1 x Free Stuff [FREE Game Voucher] – Metro: Last Light – Free with purchase of NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or above
          1 x Free Stuff [FREE In-Game Voucher] – $75 Value In-Game Currencies: Hawken, Planetside 2, and World of Tanks ($25 for each title) – Free with purchase of NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 or above
          1 x Motherboard MSI Z87 G43 — 2x PCIe 3.0 x16, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI
          0 x Intel Smart Response Technology None
          1 x Power Supply 750 Watt – Thermaltake TR2 TRX-750M – Free Upgrade to 850 Watt Thermaltake SP-850M ($30 Savings)
          1 x Primary Hard Drive 2 TB HARD DRIVE — 64M Cache, 7200rpm, 6.0Gb/s – Single Drive
          0 x Data Hard Drive None
          1 x Optical Drive 24x Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive – Black *Independence Day Sale* FREE Upgrade to BLU-RAY Reader Combo Drive for Primary Optical Drive
          0 x 2nd Optical Drive None
          0 x Flash Media Reader / Writer None
          0 x Meter Display None
          1 x Sound Card 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard
          1 x Network Card Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100)
          1 x Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional + Office Starter 2010 (Includes basic versions of Word and Excel) – 64-bit
          1 x Keyboard iBUYPOWER Standard Gaming Keyboard – FREE Upgrade to A4Tech LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard ($19 value)
          1 x Mouse iBUYPOWER Precision Gaming Mouse – Midnight Black
          0 x Monitor None
          0 x 2nd Monitor None
          0 x Speaker System None
          0 x Video Camera None
          1 x Advanced Build Options iBUYPOWER Specialized Advanced Packaging System – Protect your investment during transportation!
          1 x Advanced Build Options Tuniq TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound – The best interface between your CPU and the heatsinks
          1 x Advanced Build Options Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower – Achieve exceptional airflow in your chassis
          1 x Advanced Build Options Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower – Basic Pro Wiring
          1 x Case Engraving Service Custom Message – Max 35 characters (including spaces) – [Moves on angels wings!]
          1 x Warranty Extended Warranty Service-Extended 4-Year Limited Warranty + Lifetime Technical Support
          1 x Warranty 3 Year Standard Warranty Service
          1 x Rush Service Rush Service Fee (not shipping fee) – No Rush Service, Estimate Ship Out in 5~10 Business Days

          • Just curious, but how well does it play TS3? What are your setting set to?

            • I am in the process of getting the graphics card recognized in the game I have a NVIDIA 780 and it is too new so it needs to be put into the game graphic sgr files. I am getting help on the sims 3 site with that now.

  91. Hi, i am 13 years old and I love the sims and my mom wants me to pay for all the things I need to play it. So I have saved up for about 1 and a half years and have gotten $217. And I had a older laptop but when I got the sims 3 and pets the pets had glitches so I would really like a new laptop but I have a $217 budget but will try to earn more!!!

  92. Thanks :). Even though I am not going to buy one anytime soon great to know anyway :).
    I have Toshiba Satellite 4GB and 2.10GHz intel core i3 and I have TS3, University, pets, seasons,generations late night and island paradise on the way :). My computer heats up like mad! But i try to keep it cool (thinking of buying heat mat thing). It runs okay smoothly ish lol Hopefully it will be alright for another couple of years. P.S. I have the computer for almost two years I think lol

  93. Sociallyweirdd

    Hey everyone!I just wanted to know if these features are alright to run the Sims 3 smoothly (along with expansion packs)with minimal lag/issues :

    Intel Core i3-3240 processor
    3.40GHz, 3MB Cache

    8GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory (expandable to 16GB)
    Gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work

    1TB SATA hard drive
    Store 666,000 photos, 285,000 songs or 526 hours of HD video and more

    SuperMulti DVD Burner
    Watch movies, and read and write CDs and DVDs in multiple formats

    10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN
    Connect to a broadband modem with wired Ethernet or wirelessly connect to a WiFi signal or hotspot with the 802.11b/g/n connection built into your PC

    Intel HD Graphics 2500
    With up to 1664MB total graphics memory

    Thank you in advance!

  94. My specs are;
    -2.0 GHz Intel Core i7 2630QM (2.9GHz boosted)
    -2GB Nvidia GT540M Optimus graphics card
    -6GB RAM
    The only problem I encounter playing Sims 3 with high graphics is (actually playing every video game) is overheating. Except the problem, I’m able to run the game smoothly.

  95. Guys stop saying bullshit about AMD cards and processors, they are just fine as any Intel processor, neither is better, though AMD seems to be cheaper, but anyways they are just equal, i have an AMD FX-6300 6 cores and 3.5GHz and i run it at max graphics without any lag, along with 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3 ram, i can run Skyrim with max settings (graphics of course) and Crysis 3 too so stop saying COMPLETE bullshit about AMD processors. Watch this video, and see magic: INTEL fps is around 70 – 78, AMD fps is 69-76, yes there is a little weakness in AMD but let’s look at the prices:
    i7 = 279€
    AMD = 174€

    There are no bugs or lag problems or any stupid retarded problems with the AMD processors, it’s only the haters saying that, AMD is just as fine as intel, and probably cheaper.

  96. Could you please recommend a p.c that would play sims3 and around what price would I be expecting to pay many thanks I have around a£200 budget would that be enough to get 1.

  97. I bought a pc for 600 dollars and run the sims 3 runs perfectly

  98. hey i have a sony vaio e fit series core i5 8gb ram etc…does it really run smoothly on vaios cause im downloading the game with all the expansions and i wouldnt like any surprises since it takes sooo long to download.

    thank you :)

  99. I’m the first person posting after a year, but my computer lags like crazy when I run Sims 3 and I don’t really know what to do. I cleaned folders out to make it run faster but it’s still very laggylicious.
    This is my computer model:

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  109. Will the sims 3 + 4 work on my windows 7 inspiron laptop, because I have used it before played on it everyday for 4 days then my laptop wasn’t working probably

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  1. Pingback: My Computer Specifications « Quxxn

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