The Sims 3 Showtime Review

Showtime is the sixth expansion pack to be released for The Sims 3. I am not sure if this is because it followed the ever-so-boring Pets expansion pack (EP), but this is certainly my favorite EP thus far. When this EP was first announced people were complaining and whining that this should have been a part of Late Night, and not on its own. I disagreed then, and now I have even more reason to disagree now. Like I have stated before, Late Night was all about the night life. It was about bar hopping, dancing, partying, and late night hot tubbing. Showtime is about performing. It is about allowing your sims to start off as street performers to eventually make it to the “Big Show” with new professions.

What a profession does in The Sims 3 is allow you to go to work with your sim, this is opposite of a career, which is simply what we call a rabbit hole, where your sims just disappear for a few hours. I’ve always wondered what happens in that rabbit hole. Are my sims xeroxing their asses? Are they making out with the boss in the janitor’s closet? Or are they planning to just climb out of my computer and take over the world? We may never know. But we do know is what they are doing every second in a profession because we can control their every move with special interactions. The new professions allows your sim to become a singer, magician, or acrobat. You perform on a stage that you have the option to customize with stage props, and from there it’s all up to your sim. I really like the new professions. I think that they are what The Sims franchise has been missing. I find myself wanting to play all three of the new jobs at once because they are all so different and fun. *Click on images below to make them bigger*

One of my favorite contributions of Showtime are the new clothing and hairstyles that are available in Create-A-Sim. The clothing is stylish and fresh. The new styles are things that you might have in your closet or see someone wearing in a magazine or on the street. The new clothes are not too simple, or too out there (like some items you can get in The Sims 3 Store). I absolutely love what they have done with the girls portion. There are more dresses than pants/shorts outfits, but that is okay. The style of the dresses make up for that. The new clothes are meant for the girly girl if you ask me. Luckily, I am just that. As far as the men’s attire goes, oh em geeeeeeee! I have every EP and stuff pack (SP) and I have not seen great clothes like this since Late Night! If you do not like the theme of this EP, buy it for the men’s clothing. I promise you, you will not regret it. The men’s clothing has a street casual kind of feel to it. Granted they only have one outfit, but they have tons of tops and bottoms to choose from. I love it. One down fall is that all of the new hairstyles (except one for the men) are simply okay. There is nothing really that stands out, and I find myself choosing other hairstyles when I play my game.

Starlight Shores is the new town that comes with the Showtime EP. My first impressions were that this is a great town that is big with tons of new community lots for me to explore. I still think that it’s a great town, but I’m still not as impressed with the sims occupying this place as I was with Late Night. I hate to make so many comparisons to Late Night throughout this review, but when it came to clothing and the town, it was amazing. Now back to Showtime. I did find a few interesting sims, like the Luck brothers, but there really isn’t much room to sleep around, or have a million romantic relationships. Everyone seems to be involved with someone. I do understand that with story progression, things like that happen outside of EA’s control, but sheesh. My sim ended up dating an NPC (party dancer). The architecture of the new lots are great. The interior design for the new community lots and homes is well planned out as well. You enter these new lots and instantly feel the vibe of the theme, whether it is western, rave, or just a hangout. I like Starlight Shores. It might just be my new go-to neighborhood. It has everything I want, plus leaves rooms for me to add bars and lounges from Late Night.

As far as objects for build/buy mode go, I would say that this EP reigns above all others. It reintroduces pool tables and the dance sphere. Showtime also introduces old school arcade games, the mechanical bull, and a skeet ball machine. There are new furniture sets as well. One of the sets kind of reminds me of something that should be in a retirement community in Florida, but maybe that’s just me. The other set is very fancy, a great addition to the theme of a superstar.

Then you have SimPort. SimPort is pretty much a new social feature that allows you to send your singer, acrobat, or magician to a friends game to perform, or to allow your friend’s sims to perform in your game. As of right now, in my opinion, it’s still a little glitchy, but once you get it to work, it is… interesting. Using SimPort will unlock new stage props for your sims to use in their performances. You also get simoleons and lifetime reward points for using the system. I do see this as getting very played out in the future though, maybe with new EPs they can do something different with it, but I feel like simmers will get bored sooner than they might expect. I certainly think that I will. The initial excitement for SimPort has already abandoned me.

Overall, I think that this is a great expansion pack that offers even greater objects. If these professions do not appeal to you, then buy it for the new items. You don’t have to be a singer, acrobat, or magician, you can be anything you want. I give this EP 4.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend The Sims 3 Showtime over any other expansion pack for this game. It is that good. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below.

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  1. Would you recommend the Katy Perry Edition?

  2. Thanks for the review! It’s really helped me figure out if I want this or not. Your Let’s Plays also helped a bunch. Thanks :D

  3. Awesome review Quxxn, really worth reading. I totally agree with you a bunch, Showtime is NOTHING like late night and losers need to get that in their brains, lol. Love ya Quxxn :)

  4. I just got mine today and I agree I LOVE IT!

  5. Can you give us your rating on all of the sims 3 expansion packs?

  6. Quxxn!!! :) ur the best :D

  7. Best review of Showtime ever ! :D .

  8. Yeah, hopefully I’ll get it on my birthday… Sunday [= I asked for it, a lot…. My grandparents [yes I live with them lol] are probably tired of hearing about the sims 3 by now…. I’ll be twelve…. Yay ♥

  9. Can you tell us how many outfits Katy Perry Edition give us.Please and thank you.Wonderful review, Sim name is blueflower0224.

  10. Another thing that people were saying about Starlight Shores was that it looked like Sunset Valley, which it doesn’t. I feel like there is always going to be someone who is going to complain.

  11. Hey with your sims review you know how you said you can get too many stays and wild animals at your door (witch i toally agree with is annoying) there is a nome that you can get to keep them away and you can change it to stray home or not a sray home (just a helpful tip soz i dont know what it tis called youll find it in the decor section though) (i think)……… love ya video’s and u bye xxoo

  12. I haven’t got it, but I am excited to buy it ! wiiiiiiiii:D

  13. LOVE IT.

  14. Does anyone know where the hairstyle she had on for the girls came from?
    If it is from the store does someone know that name? THX :D

  15. I want it soooo badly, but I’m broke. In 2 and a half months I can get it though! But I’m not sure if I want to wait for all the MAJOR bugs to be worked out…

    xo Delilah

  16. You can woohoo in the photobooth!!!

  17. I wanted to play this game, but I can not play this game.

  18. TheSimsMaster

    Yout rating was 0.5 higher in this one than the other one you did just before?

  19. I wish you could like the comments like you can on facebook LOL :P

  20. P.S. Saying hi from Croatia!!

    P.P.S. that’s in Europe in case you didn’t know :)

  21. katy perry make a look like a going to a party

  22. To be honest I did disagree but after reading this review I dont:) Now I want to buy it:P

  23. *sigh* I wish I could play the sims. But I don’t hav a good enough PC, and it costs too much. I’ve been wanting to playthe sims so badly, but my mom told me my laptop would probably kill the game and vice versa. So one day I looked up sims 3 gameplay, and I found Quxxn’s generations lp. I watched it, and since then, I have watched every single one of her videos. Except medieval. Never could find those. I love u Quxxn <3 everyday I come home from school and check to see if there are any new videos. you always make me laugh. 

  24. Thanks for the review! It’s really helped me figure out if I want this or not. Your Let’s Plays also helped a bunch. Thanks :D

  25. Quxxn, can you show us wut hair came w/ the orignal showtime if you can?

  26. thx 4 the review now im totally gonna get it and your LPs are great i watched showtime,generations,pets, and late night ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Omg thankyou so much! I got some money and i wasn’t sure if i should get showtime, but thank’s to your review I just ordered it! Thankyou again so much! x

  28. Hi quxxn can u plz show us ur face because I really wanna know what u look like.

    P.S I’m not someone that judges on appearance :)

  29. mines downloading now 80 percent done

  30. Are there any bugs?

  31. Sorry I forgot to ask which is better seasons or showtime because I can only afford 1

  32. Hey, just wondering if there is a place t but new clothes for your sim ‘cus I think my sim fancies a wardrobe change…

  33. Soz meant BUY new clothes :)

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