My Current Household’s Wedding Day

Posted on April 5, 2012, in Sims by Quxxn, The Sims 3. Bookmark the permalink. 36 Comments.

  1. I want that wedding and kitchen set sooo bad! On another note I love your LP’s!!!!! And those pictures are really cute! :D

  2. finally normal wedding =DDD
    Ariana’s was hilarious!!!

  3. Is this Miley and Lex? They look so cute together!

  4. That looks adorable. ^^

  5. aww thats cute, my sims never have a normal wedding: one time belisima hemlock got suck clapping in their garden and even a sims week after they moved away she was still there.

  6. Love it

  7. Wow, that wedding looks like it went smoother than the wedding in your LP, lol .

  8. China Merrise


  9. Awwwww thats so romantic!!!!

  10. you went all out and it is so romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lolaisthebest12

    how do you do that on your sims bed. i really cant figure it out how to do that xd and if im typing wrong, it is because im netherlands. and 12. so yeahh xd and did you already make a video on youtube with your current household. pleasse place a link below if you do.

  12. aww, it looks amazing, they’re just so adorable!! I bet you had fun!!<3

  13. Aww! XD I love it!!!

  14. i love that dress! did you download it from the sims 3 store?

  15. How cute

  16. Awww, so cute Quxxn! :3 Please make a household video soon! :)

  17. Cool what r their names???

  18. Cool well cute too. I love your currunt houses.

  19. Totally cute! Where do they live? (Sunset valley…..etc)

  20. wow soo Cool and creative with the whole Karaoke Thing! I’m sorry Quxxn but i just stole that from you :3


  22. lolaisthebest12

    yeah i get that. but i cant do that on theyre bed, when i choose to make out, they stand up and kissnormally. never on the bed !

    • First, make both sims relax on the bed
      Second, make them cuddle on the bed
      Third, click make out

      Then ur done. They have to be cuddling or they’ll just get up and make out or kiss standing.

  23. i love that dress she is wearing she looks good in that i really want that set. but dont know if its worth it the money *( even though its like 5 6 dollars)

  24. that is adorable!

  25. how do you get simpoints

  26. Sims3petslover

    I have never had weddings turn out like this

  27. OMG!!! i love you Quxxn … but how to do you get SIMPOINTS from the sims

  28. i really wish i had that set. i only got 14 simpoints and no way of buying any

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