The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Stuff Pack – First Impressions

I know that I’m a few days late, this stuff pack (SP) was announced when I was taking some time off. You can find out more about this SP by clicking here. Now on with the first impression…

I knew that this was going to be filled with candy themed items, I just expected something a bit more subtle. I would never use these items in a living room or kitchen, only a bedroom or den (that’s a huge maybe on the den). I like for my sims games to be more real than fantasy, and adding trees made of candy would certainly take away from that. The two hairstyles that were shown didn’t impress me much, and the clothing in CAS would only come in handy if you have Showtime, unless you want your sims to really stand out in the neighborhood. It looks like there is a cute pair of short shorts that I’m looking forward to, and also some of the formal attire catches my eye. I’m really loving the children’s bedroom set. It’s going to be so much fun to work with. It also looks like there are three new pre-made community lots. I could be wrong, and EA could just be showing off the content, but I think I’m right. The community pools looks awesome, and I see myself using it. There seems to be some sort of community garden and another lot that I’m not too sure about. I will be purchasing this SP to really see what it can do, but so far, I’m not that impressed at all. If I were you, I’d wait until I did my review on YouTube to see if you want to buy it or save your money for the seasons EP. Yes, I believe seasons will be next (just a prediction).

xo, Quxxn

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  1. Honestly, when I heard about this stuff pack, I wasn’t too impressed. I thought it was just a spin-off of Katy Perry edition of Showtime. Bleh. Yeah… I’m more of a realistic person, so I wouldnt really like lots and lots of candy trees and lollipop bushes. I do like Katy Perry though, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have ANY stuff pack, although I could use some advice for that. xD

    • I highly recommend High End Loft Stuff if you want something more modern. Master Suite Stuff is also a great addition to the game.

      • hey quxxn i highly recommend you do late night next if you already did iit i understand but also ambitions or world adventures plz after showtime

  2. I found one little clue of this not being a “real” Stuff Pack. If you look back on former SPs, you see the word ‘stuff’ in the title. Notice how the title of this new “Stuff Pack” doesn’t have the word stuff. I’m hoping that this will be just a small in-store add on, like Hidden Springs or Barnacle Bay were. Things that were purchasable, but just added to the game in a small amount. In their cases, a town and a handful of objects. Maybe EA is trying these with just an amount of stuff. Who knows for sure? But all I recognized is the lack of the word “Stuff.”

  3. Oh and I saw the pictures. xD Cookie hat… Are you kidding me. I do think it’s kinda cute though, don’t get me wrong. Happy 1 year anniversary. :) I never saw lets play late night though… :( I REALLY WANNA SEE IT!! Lolz xxx

  4. I Saw It On Origin And It Doesn’t Say Stuff Pack At The End All It Says Is ” Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats ” And I Am Not Trying To Be Rude

  5. lolaisthebest12

    i was really excited about this SP. but they really should make a new world with this SP. so your furniture, and things fit into your world.

  6. OMG! in 1 of ur LP’s i Said this!:i have an Idea! So:
    Imagine The Sims 3 Sweets it’s a World of Sweetness and Candy Shops with a Lifetime Wish Called “Pop Lolly” u have to Make a Slide Made Out of LollyPop!

    See and it Came True!

  7. As much as I wish it were season , idt it will be :( I saw this spoiler and it’s all leading to a fantasy EP. With faeries , werewolves , and witches …
    I’m worried I won’t like this upcoming EP. I’m not exactly interested in making werewolves… Though faeries sound cute.

  8. I’m not quite sure it’s going to be a stuff pack, but I do hope it is because I can’t buy stuff from their store. I think it’s really cute and it will probably be the stuff pack I use most right after High-End Loft Stuff. I’ve seen quite a bit of screen shots and I quite like it. It’s just the kind of stuff I’d use and I can totally see myself making a sugary sweet house! :)

  9. hehe i love this stuff pack its perfect i think it really is awesome! I hope EA does more stuff like this!

  10. honestly i saw like no cool hairstyles i liked that skin tight dress up to sims thighs and the one w/ a “cut” also on the side to the thigh that was about it i don’t think ill get this unless it looks better on ur vids

  11. quxxn i wish i knew what you look like cuz i was thinking of making a sim of you in my game!

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