My Current Household: A Day in the Life

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Posted on April 7, 2012, in Sims by Quxxn, The Sims 3 and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 22 Comments.

  1. Soo cute.Its midnight so Happy Easter! Hope you never stop making videos cause you brighten my day! But what are your Sims name?

  2. You should upload “your current household” on youtube.
    (I think)

  3. Happy Easter Quxxn, and what was that thing he had on his neck was it a scarf that came with the shirt? (:

  4. Materialgirl101

    I love this is the lady being x rayed ?

  5. Is That You And Hugo :D ?

  6. lolaisthebest12

    what are you doing in the picture, when yourmmaking a heary video or something like that. is that with the job from the hospital ?

  7. lolaisthebest12

    a heart video –‘

  8. Happy Easter! <3 Hehehe… they're so cute…

  9. gamefreak3553

    What exp or stuff pack dose the X ray thing come with?

  10. Awww that’s super Cute and romantice

  11. lolaisthebest12

    gamefreak, that was i asking to, maybe when you are in a higher level of the hospital career ?

  12. Quxxn, the pictures from the photo booth are just TOO cute. But in my game there must be a glitch because, whenever my sim goes into the photo booth and then comes out, she gets the photo, looks at it and then it says in the top right hand corner ‘The photos have been placed in your sim’s inventory’ so when I check, they’re never there no matter how many times I take photos in the booth, whether its silly or normal photos… Anyway, hope you had a ‘Eggcelent Easter’! And I am Livibbz3 on Youtube and @livlovesyou2012 on Twitter jusþ so you know who’s tweeting!:D You Rock xo

  13. That’s so cute! You should make more currunt house holds on YouTube.

  14. Sooo cute!!! <3

  15. quxxn i love this household.can you put this household on the exchange on

  16. xD That boy of a cheater!! Dating 6 girls so far! xD I think it’s REALLY funny how he dated Ariana. Isn’t Ariana dating someone else?

  17. awwweeeee thay looks sooo cute :) ps i <3 u :)

  18. I love your videos quxxn! And I think your current household is soooo cute! Can you put them on the exchange? :)

  19. What pattern did you put for the females jacket thing I luv it.

  20. Is this sims 2 or 3

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