Sneak Preview!

The house that I’m in the process of building for the Cruz’s :)

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  1. It looks amazing Quxxn! :) Can’t wait to see more of it.

  2. Savannah Masterson

    That house is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  3. Wow Amazing :D

  4. I can only see the front of it and I already know that it is awesome !!

  5. Which one Ariana n Jensen or Austin n Scarlett

  6. I LOVE IT!!! Great job, Quxxn!

  7. I would live in that house!

  8. That house is so beautiful. :3

  9. FUCKING AWESOME *_______________*

  10. wow, i love it , its modern but it still feels like a family home. your getting really good at building now :)

  11. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It looks amazing Quxxn! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  13. That is such a nice house

  14. Love the house it’s so nice

  15. it looks gorgeous!
    please don’t use absolutely 100% store content when you furnish it!

  16. Alli Roberts

    Oh my goodness… I culd never build a house like that if i tried ahahaha

  17. Luv the house! scarlet,austin,the boys,and hazel will adore it!

  18. OMG!!!!! the house is just stunning!!!!

  19. Love it its amazing you did a good job!!!

  20. Gorgeous! [=

  21. I LOVE IT!😊

  22. You say that your not as close to Curtis Paridis but i think you are you just need to build more of these awesome houses!!!

  23. Wow!
    Nice house can’t wait to see it!!!!

  24. can’t wait to see what it looks like inside

  25. Cant Wait to see it in your LP it looks so good you should put it on the exchange

  26. WOW that’s nice! :D

  27. OMG! So good!!! I appreciate u Quxxn! So, NOT like the house they are in now! So KEWL.

  28. when are Cruzes moveing there?????


  30. OMG this is HOT!

  31. Neilan Thompson

    Quxxn i really want to make houses reslly good like you a<3

  32. Great job quxxn this is asome !

  33. whens ur next video

  34. Nicely Done!

  35. make sure to upload that to the sims 3 web site!

  36. AWESOME , you make gorgeus houses !

  37. Honestly, this house has its faults. The place were the pool is , the paparazzi enters through there and gets inside my house , but therefor I did had doors instead of the Arches leading inside the house. But the paparazzi can still relax poolside and even NAP on the poolside chairs. They can also play golf in the back and swim in my pool . I don’t won’t to mess up the BEAUTIFUL house by replacing the arches with doors because then it wont fall in to place, so what should I do?

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