My Computer Specifications

Even though my computer specs have been on my channel page since I began making videos, I still get a lot of people asking about them. I figured this would be an easy way of letting all of you know what they are. I will keep this page updated as upgrades are made :)

Manufacturer: Alienware M17x

Processor: Intel Core i7 (3.6GHz)


HDD: 750GB

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate

Graphics Card: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M


If you have any question about what I would recommend for running games such as The Sims 3 for a much lower cost, please see this post: How To Choose a Computer That Runs The Sims 3 Smoothly



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  1. 8 GB ram? Wow! Mine is 2 and Sims 3 made my computer very slow. Did you upgrade it yourself or did it come that way?

  2. My cousin has a Dell Inspiron, I’m getting the Dell Inspiron 620 and customizing everything online, but getting a better graphics card and a different processor (Intel i7 core). I’m kind of amazed that I’m planning on getting the same computer (different model though, meh) as you! Coolio :D

  3. alienware laptop? good choice my friend. so you can play any games in anywhere huh? is it m18x? can you do a review of the laptop after you received? i m more interested in it. thx

  4. Wow! Mine is Triple-core 2.1 GHz, 3GB RAM, so-so quality graphics card, HDD 268GB. My Sims 3 experience is truly painful. Pre-loading screen takes 1 minute to load, loading screen is about 1-2 minutes, game loading is usually 3-4 minutes and inside the game I frequently get some lag and stuff won’t load, textures won’t load etc.

    Later this year, around Christmas, I’ll be getting myself new PC with these:

    • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 AM3+
    • AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3.6GHz Bulldozer Black Edition
    • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
    • AMD Radeon HD6850 1GB DDR5/256bit Graphics Card

    If you have couple of minutes, please tell me if it’s good enough to run current and future games (by future I mean 2013/2014). And also, if any of those parts are weaker than suggested.

    I am a tech dummy, sorry.

    • Friends help Friends

      Your Processor is not very good.. If you could find a computer that has a intel processor, That will make a big difference in your game play compared to the AMD Processor.

      • Might be a total idiot yet again, but is 3.3 GHz Intel processor better than 3.6 GHz AMD?

        Is this specs better:

        • Motherboard: MB LGA1155 H61, PCIe/DDR3/SATA2/GLAN/VGA/DVI/7.1
        • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-2120, 3MB BOX 32nm 3.30GHz
        • DDR3 8GB (2x4GB)
        • GeForce GTX550-Ti 1GB/DDR5,/DVI/HDMI/192bit – graphics card

        I am looking at list of premade configurations as I’m too much of a noob to figure it all out myself. Both PCs are same price.

        Thanks for help! Really appreciate it!

    • when you consider a hardware upgrade, you should concern about the performance vs price ratio. that means whether the hardware is well worth the money in terms of the performance.

      i suggest you go to to compare different hardware performances and prices. of course, if you have plenty of money like quxxn (i’m just sayin’), money will not be an issue you concern, so go ahead buy the recent newest and fastest processors in the world.

      and also, you choose processor not only consider the brand. AMD doesn’t sucks. also, it is much cheaper. if it sucks ball they won’t have money to purchase ATI. just go and look at tomshardware chart. and the frequencies is not the key to know the performance. for example, a 1.8GHz core 2 duo is faster than a 3.0GHz pentium 4.

      and both specs are the same, so choose what you like. i m sure you can play future games in 2014 if 2012 the end of the world will not come (i’m just sayin’).


    • all your specs are good except for one thing. the AMD fx 4100 is a horrible processor. the phenom x6 is 10 times faster and doesn’t have stability issues. its on sale too! The graphics card is amazing tho!

  5. lolaisthebest12

    what is a good computer? i wanna get a laptop but its only 2.4 ghz and other stuff. and im sayin to my dad that its not good enough but he says; it works fine blablabla. and im playin it on his pc and thats alot lower than that laptop. and all ep and sp works fine on it. and he has alot of programs for downloading on it too. so, advice quxxn? xx

  6. lolaisthebest12

    btw do a review on your new laptop when you get it. and dell isnt very good.

    • Actually, Dell is pretty amazing! You know that Alienware is made by Dell? Overpriced, yes, but very VERY good. Isn’t that the laptop she’s getting? Plus, she has the Dell Inspiron 580, I have played video games on the 570, the 580 and the 620, plus, I’m getting the 620 for myself, along with a different processor and graphics card. It’ll cost me, sure, but Dell is actually well worth it! I think that once we have a bad experience with one brand of computer, we tend to spread that as a generalization. I still have a grudge against Toshiba for my laptop monitor, but hey, my Toshiba telly works pretty well, so who am I to complain? Point is, they’ve got a lot of options, probably more than you realize, and saying that Dell – or any large company is bad – probably isn’t a fair statement.

  7. lolaisthebest12

    i know what Dell has to offer. but my dad had a pc store, when he was on hes 20’s and he knows that Dell isnt the best brand. i didnt say it was bad. im buying; Asus N76VM-V2G-T1105V-NL. if you cant find it, maybe because im buying it in the netherlands, because i live there xx

    • Yeah, I hear that Dells can vary a lot all over the world. Are you getting a desktop Asus? I had difficulties with my laptop from Asus, it died because I had all of the EPs and SPs for Sims 3 on it. And CC kills it too, but I DL’d the CC from a few items on the exchange that were, supposedly, “CC free”. I think that with all computer brands, you might have to be careful, some are better with laptops, other with desktops. Sometimes they are better with business computers as opposed to home computers. I bet your dad could tell you better than I, good luck to you with your Asus!

  8. lolaisthebest12

    thx, and its a laptop. its a i7 – 2.3Ghz ( 3.2 in turbo version ) and NVIDEA GeForce GT 360M 2GB videocart. but if its not high enough, we buy another one. and it has an higher RAM then needing. im playing the sims with all EP, and SP on my dads pc, and thats alot slower then this laptop, so im confident it will run. and maybe we’ll buy another memory thing ( not good at english ) so it can run even better. and i used to have alot downloaded CC and i dont have anything from the store. so with a new laptop it will run even better because the downloads will be gone. and i dont buy store content, but i love to, because i want premium content and new clothes XD but yeah xx

    • That’s actually a pretty good computer, with the i7? That’s probably the best processor out there, I’m kind of techy, but not very, I know different processors and RAM and memory and little bits and bobs, but not much else. That sounds like a great computer, and yes, without Store Content, it’ll run very quickly, I know because at the end of the year I only had free content, now? I own half the store- but that’s only because I put pretty much all of my pocket money into Sims 3. You actually have very good English, there are people I know who learned English first and grew up in America, and you have better English than them, so good job, and keep it up! XD

  9. lolaisthebest12

    Thx! XD and its an i7 yes. I only have free content too. maybe with TS4 i’ll buy some worlds and stuff ( because i love building house’s ) but not much. because when another sims comes out you’ll forget about TS3. atleast i would ( Because TS4 is alot better ) but THX ;D im kinda hyper x,x

    • lol, you know that you can get $10 worth of free SP with the Base Game and first EP (you have to register it), and also, I don’t know which EP or SP it is, but if you have it registered, on your MyPage, under your avi (avatar) there should be a clickable link that says ” Redeem Your Free SimPoints” I don;t know if you can do that in Netherlands, but here’s a tip. If you’re registered as in the Netherlands, at the bottom of the Sims 3 Pages, there should be a place where you can change your location, language, etc. Have fun with your SimPoints if you get them and spend wisely! Also, shoot me a Friend Request, I’m Zulie234! XD

  10. lolaisthebest12

    im joellezw00 ;D but i cant register them because i downloaded them x,x but TS4 will i buy but i got the sims 3 in 2011 so. thats why i didnt buy them, because im kinda late. but now im gonna babysit and stuff so i will make my own money, so i can buy the stuff I want. xd normally i cant buy the things i want. ;x and yes, i know all these things ;)

    • cool, I’ll send you a friend request, but Sims is acting up, so it might be a bit! Yeah, babysitting can be a good moneymaker. I’ve been babysitting since I was ten, just around my apartment building, but I still babysit now! And you’re sure ou can’t register them?! That is STRANGE! Geez, that sure stinks. :P I think I’ve been playing Sims since… umm, hmm, I think 2004? 2005? Yeah, I played TS2 with my cousins. I then bought TS1 while waiting for TS3 and got TS3 for Christmas of 2009 and have been playing ever since!

  11. lolaisthebest12

    I got a chair from you, i was like; MOM I GOT A CHAIR. XD well it isnt strange, because is illegaly ( wrong typed? ) downloaded. its free and it works xd. but im gonna but TS4 , because i like to have a collection. because i like to read boxes of games or stuff that i buy ( i know weird habbit XD) im on the Ipad so im gonna look on the computer for that free thousand points. YAAY btw fun name fiona. xd my name is Joëlle ( a french name, means; god is good )

    • ooh! I’m having lunch. Crackers and cheese. lol. it’s 12:58 here.

      But it’s illegal? I bought it though… hmm. what do you mean by illegal? I have the same habit as you. Reading blurbs is my thing! Thanks about my name, by the way! And your name is so pretty. I’m French, but I didn’t know that is what it meant. That is so cool!

  12. lolaisthebest12

    you know im eating a McDonalds Salade Ceaser Krispy Chicken xd. its my dinner its now 6pm 56minutes in the netherlands ;)

  13. lolaisthebest12

    thx ;) where do you live ? in america, right? or not? xd its funny because when your flighing to NY when its dark here, it gets lighter and lighter. so if youre leaving at night, it will eventually turns light when its still night where you live XD I didnt bought it, downloading from sites where people post it is illegal where i live. we still do it doh. i actually learned my first steps in france. so thats fun ;p p.s the salad thing is empty, and it was yummy O.o

    • I live in America, yeah. I just came back from Ireland and I noticed that too! Ah, I see what you mean, okay. I’m glad that legal stuff works on it, though! You did? That is really cool! I haven’t actually been to France yet, and that makes me sad. My parents haven’t gone in 15 years, but we went to Ireland, where my mom is from. My father is the one who is French!

  14. lolaisthebest12

    cool, do your parents have an accent? i only been in france 2 times, and i cant remember any of it. 1 time was in Disneyland Paris >;D btw if i can ask; how old are youz. im 12. im thinking you are alot older.

    • People say may father does, and my mother doesn’t have one. I’m a teen, not going to say specifics because anybody can see this site, so I won’t say exactly, but I’m a teenager! :D

  15. lolaisthebest12

    XD they wont find out where you live or something xd im going to bed. byee

  16. This is the computer I bought a few months ago, I recommend it to everyone because it is awesome. :P
    I really love it, I have all EP’s, all but two of the SP’s, all store content and over 2,000 pieces of CC, I can use Fraps while playing and there is no lag at all.

  17. I ♥ CHICKEN!!! :P

    Chicken…! I love.. Chicken.. CHICKEN IS MY THING AND MY GAME :P Kinda didn’t make sense LMFAO

  18. I’m not really techy, but will this computer be able to handle the all the SP’s and EP’s?

    Dell Inspiron 660
    Processor- 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2320
    RAM- 8GB
    HDD- 2TB
    Operating System- Windows 7 Home Premium (64Bit)
    Graphics- Intel® HD Integrated Graphics (Not the best, ik)

    Dell XPS 8500
    Processor- 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770
    RAM- 12GB
    HDD- 2TB
    Operating System- Windows 7 Home Premium (64Bit)
    Graphics- NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 1GB GDDR5

    What one would be better? (: Thanks before hand guys!

  19. I <3 you Quxxn!!!!! Luv all ur videos!

  20. My PETS graphics are terrible. My pets don’t really look like pets. AND, my computer is slow. ALL BECAUSE of the game, or the type of computer. Or mabey it’s the other games I have on it.

  21. I have the same computer as you! lol

  22. hi i was just wondering if these specs would play the sims 3 on high/good settings! cos after watching your sims3 posts on youtube i want to get them all. So here are the specs.

    HP Pavilion g6-1331ea

    Processor AMD Quad-Core A8-3520M (1.6 GHz, 4 MB L2 cache)
    Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64
    RAM 6 GB (1 x 2 GB, 1 x 4 GB)
    Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6620G + 7450M Dual GPU
    1 GB DDR3 dedicated

    thought id ask as from looking around it seems the sims 3 can be a bit funny when it comes to running on laptops please let me know as soon as possible as i want to go n get the game(s) thanks for all the videos keep em coming. lol

  23. Holy cow! You have a very decent machine there Quxxn! XD
    I recently upgraded my machine :P

    CPU: AMD FX X8 (Octa-Core) 3.10GHz
    RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1333MHZ
    GFX-Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS250 1024MB (Trying to get my hands on the ATI Radeon 6990 though)

    Now I can make Sims 3 videos too! :P Damn my old rig was a piece of crap!
    Love your videos by the way :) Extremely entertaining :P

  24. i have crapy celeron which is crappy crap crap

  25. i have lenovo pc with 4tb hdd and 32 gb of ram with intel core i7 kqm 9807 proccesser (6.80ghz) and nvidia 4gb graphics

  26. What do you use when you make your videos

  27. Quxxn, i was wondering how much your computer cost total. i was looking into getting the same one. (:

  28. Okay I Dont Have A CLUE Of What You All Are Talkig Bout BUUTTT I DO Waant To Record My Sims 3

  29. Hi Quxxn im a big fan of your sim 3 videos but i would like you to teach me how to make sim
    3 videos on my pc i know you use fraps but for some reason i dont know how to work it Id figure i could use some help thanks in return ,

    Reanna Brown ;)

  30. Quxxn, can you tell me if this computer specification is good for playing The Sims 3 Smoothly?

    Processor: Intel Core i7 3.40GHz
    Graphics Card: Intel Graphics HD 4000
    RAM: 8GB
    HDD: 500GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate

  31. I asked this on youtube already but i just wanna make sure you see this, can you update us on your graphics settings in your next LP?? Thanks.

  32. hi eveyone and quxxn I Have :
    Processor:Intel(R)Celeron(R)CPU G530 @ 2.40GHz
    Installed Memory(RAM):4.00GB
    System type:64-bit Operating System
    Intel HD graphics (20″Monitor)
    Multi-in-1 Media Card Reader
    500GB Hard Drive
    This is My Computer Specs For Right Now Enjoy ^__^

  33. Can you make your jock woohoo and the Rebel too I love your videos.

  34. Hey…Quxxn i like your video soo much…i have a dream about you playing left 4 dead with me ( multiplayer) i hope you understand that my english is suck..hehehe …can you play TheSims the cutest sims in the whole wide world …please…do that to me…for my sister who dying to see face to face with you …. I hopely you that …

  35. SophieEmmaDawson

    was it super expensive to get a computer like yours Quxxn?

  36. How much is an AlienWare Laptop?

  37. I’ll be getting:
    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
    Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5Ghz (Unlocked Frequency Modifiers)
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance Memory
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
    2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
    128 GB Corsair SSD

  38. Interesting I heard that Dell was kind of bad but I guess Alienware is sort of different even though they are made by the same company?

  39. What do you record with?

  40. Alienware? What an extreme waste of money.
    People, if you want a good computer, don’t buy an Alienware. Build one yourself, it’s much cheaper and you can get better specs.

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