The Sims 4 Is OFFICIALLY Announced!

TS4_eyes_logo TS4_logo

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  1. oh my god!

  2. LoveHugsPeace Simming

    OMG! The Sims One The Pic Are Stunning! </3

  3. OMG!! Crazy, I can’t wait, I love the idea of going back to the original sims!! ITS LIKE SIMSOCIAL!!! :D

  4. OMG!! Crazy, I can’t wait, I love the idea of going back to the original sims!! ITS LIKE SIMONLINE!!! EA LAND <3

  5. where are the images????!

  6. OHMIGOD! Best. Birthday present. EVER!


  8. I died on my keyboard.

  9. OMG !!!!!

  10. this. looks. so. freakin. cool.
    too bad my computer is probably too old for it :(

  11. Omg the Sims4 but I want to stick with The Sims3 only, no Sims1, Sims2, or Sims4.

    • Charlie (Girl)

      You understand me, bro! I mean, the graphics shown are worse! Yes, I’m a Sim-Lover, but… can’t we stick to the actual ones? These are pretty good… or maybe make more stuff… but the graphics are just fine, EA, not too real but really good.

  12. lolaisthebest12

    I’m getting a new laptop soon, so I won’t put to many things on that so I have enough space on it when it comes out.mLodt trach op following LP’s of the sims 3 but defintly wil follow them for the sims 4!

  13. The sims look so much better and realistic!! My only concern is that the hair looks pretty bad quality :/ hopefully its just this pic!!

  14. Hi quxxn i just want to say that i L-O-V-E your lp soooo freaking much <3 <3 i am watching your lp's seriously EVERY DAY!!! You made my day be worth something. I will NEVER EVER EVEEER stop watching your videos! I know that you don't will see this but I just want to say this. You have my full respect Quxxn! (Maybe I have wrote something that spell wrong i am not from a english country but I am just a 13 y/o girl) R-E-S-P-E-C-T T-O Y-O-U F-R-O-M S-W-E-D-E-N Q-U-X-X-N

  15. Where are the pictures? I want to see what the game is going to be like.

  16. I hope they add weather in the Sims 4 base game. I think they should add weather in the base game because it is part of life.

  17. im sooooooooooooooo happy now!!!
    i have been listening for this news for years

  18. omg ahhh !!!

  19. RandomSimsFan

    Awesome! I can’t wait :3

  20. how do u look at the pictures

  21. I dont see no screenshots of the sims 4? where is it

  22. I don’t get it :/ I don’t see ANYTHING of the Sims 4

  23. Where’s the pictures???

    • i dont know man maybe she didnt put it up ask thequxxn im not thequxxn i cant even contact her

      • fionasterling

        Those are the only images that EA has released so far, so NONE of you are missing anything. The images with the eyes/top of nose area and the logos are the only official images.

        (Also, SillyBunny, Quxxn will respond to you, just give her time, and spamming doesn’t help your dream come true, if anything it just makes things worse. Patience is a virtue ^__^)

  24. Where is the pictures? did u just lie and said there would be pics, so u could get a lot of hits in one day on your blog??? IF thats the case, NOT COOL Quxxn NOT COOL.

  25. Where are the pictures? All I see is a video that only plays ads.

  26. whew are the pictures?

  27. Did you take the pictures off or something because I cannot see them?

  28. According to Curtis Paradis’ video, EA sent them an email with some PICTURES and some other informations about the game. Maybe she posted them, and MAYBE EA told her to delete them.

  29. I thought when TS4 would come out, there would be better graphics. Not the old sims…

  30. Those graphics look horrible… eek

  31. I WILL kill someone for this game (not likely)


  33. omg i cant wait wen its comes out srry bad english :)

  34. Hotpink lulu

    if we can play with friends Im buying my friend this game! I CAN’T WAIT!! THANK YOU QUXXN!! <3 i feel bad for the simmers who AREN'T subscribed to the awesome Quxxn :)

    • In EA’s Q&A thread on the TS3 site they said you CAN play online, but the core of the game is meant for offline single player only. No persistent online connection needed!

  35. I can’t see the pictures!!! :(

  36. I can’t wait I love the sims!!!!

  37. Yay! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have pictures of what they will look like?!?

  38. Omg no way !!! :0

  39. I wonder what new type of things there will be …………. ummmm

  40. Ashanti Gerritsen

    I love you so much quxxn! Im so exited for the sims 4 to come out!!!!!!

  41. Best Birthday gift ever! :D tnx Quxxn!

  42. Too bad I only saw one pic and 2 ad videos.

  43. Omg im so excited not only is it a new series of the Sims, its a new series of Quxxn’s lets plays

  44. New series of Sims new series of Quxxn lets plays

  45. ERMAHGERD!!! Just imagine the Sims 5! I CAN’T WAIT ERMAAHHGGERRDDDDD

  46. There is only one picture I can see, where are the others?

  47. no i have 2 more expantion packs to go and i have only 1 stuff pack

  48. إبراهيم القرشي

    Woooow this awesome nice

  49. it’s not online, and that is the picture, the one picture.

  50. yeah I want to know the other ones are at

  51. cool! but i cant see the pictures

  52. Hey I love your videos. You are so funny. :p

  53. Hannah Morris

    Where are they pictures? But im so excited!

  54. The pictures are the ones y’all see at the very top….they just announced it (they cant show everything at once) and they are still working on it :P

  55. Annabeth Brady

    I found out and looked it up online, squealed really loud and ran around my two storey house jumping like a bafoon. Then, I found out my dad was sleeping. Woops.

  56. Annabeth Brady

    I found out and looked it up online, squealed really loud and ran around my two storey house jumping like a bafoon. Then, I found out my dad was sleeping. Woops.


  58. I seriously almost uad a heart attack. I sat there for like 10 minutes and stared. I can’t wait to see quxxn’s lp of this! She is my favorite simmer :D CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  59. OMG (that’s all I can say)

  60. William Obeng Jr.


  61. I hate to be the one to rain on everyone’s parade, but I’m honestly kinda worried. The graphics on the top look horrible, like, app quality horrible. I’ve heard rumors that it’s online with friends, and I really hope not. That would be horrible. I hope it’s just a graphics-improved version of Sims 3. I might just stick with Sims 3.

  62. WOW CANT WAIT! EXCITING!I also heard that you will be able to play with other players at the same time, ummm that would be ok if you want to and not a HAVE TOO to play.

  63. I’ve never actually played the original sims so it’s a good thing there kinda gonna go back to it but hope they have better graphics

  64. When I Saw Sims 4 Released I Said Yess In Happiness Then She Said Its Coming In 2014 I Said Oh Hecks To The No Then I Buried My Head In A Pillow And Screamed The I Said A Whole Year Thats Tooooooooooooo Long.Lolz Lmfao

  65. oh my god im so friggin excited!!!! eeeeee!!!

  66. OMG so excited for this hopefully its good

  67. O my gaga this looks so awesome!

  68. wow! can’t wait to buy it hahaha

  69. I love her eyes the green eyes their pretty :)

  70. it looks promising I will be looking forward to this game

  71. chloe benavidez

    where are the pics i cant find them….. help pls!!

  72. The pic is the that says Sims 4 awesome!!!

  73. oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggg YESSSS

    so excited

  74. OMG 1 word. AMAZING

  75. Is there gonna be a trailer anytime soon??

    • Hopefully. The first trailer of ts3 was about a year before it was released. So I think three Will be a trailer soon

  76. OMG. So happy been a simmer since WAAAAAY back c: ♥

  77. Im not trying to be rude and burst a bubble on your parade but The Sims 4 looks rubbish. I rather stick with the Sims 3 if it’s going go back to Sims 1. Also The Sims 4 logo looks quite shocking. Where is the diamond? That’s the most important symbol of the game, Although that’s quite a pathetic excuse. I’m quite picky. And I have a lot more reasons not to buy it.
    1. LOGO – No Diamond
    2. I’ve paid for nearly every single Expansion Pack. It’s just going go to a waist.
    3. They won’t put Weather, Pets, Island Paradise, Generations in the Base Game. To Me They are the things that should be in the base game. But I know that EA won’t even bother doing that because they need Money. They’ll sell it as separate
    4. We Want to see something new, Not something that came out years ago. It may be the beginning of ‘The Sims’ And they want to remember the times but I don’t want go back to a old game. I want go to a NEW game.

    I’m not trying to be rude, Cause I know they have over 100 people working on this and Im trying not to be ungrateful. I intend to buy the Base Game, and I’ll see what it’s like. Until I know, I’m not putting anymore negative comments, I’ll put some Good Comments. Im glad they are making Sims 4 to please their fans. It really shows how much they care. EA is working as hard as ever and I’m glad to hear it. I mean Island Paradise, Time Travel And The Movie Themed Stuff Pack are already hard for them. But adding a whole new Sims Game must be harder. Hopefully the clothes and the hair will be twice as good as Sims 1, Sims 2 and Sims 3. If Not… I’ll Die.

    • Totally agree with you! I agree 100% I’m pleased that they’re keep going to the generations of the sims but if they’re making a new game it HAS to be much better than all of the others! It has to beat up the older ones! ur comment was the most understandable and true comment I’ve ever heard!

    • 1. That’s Probably A Temporary Logo
      2.You Can Still Play The Sims 3
      3. Ummmmm You Kinda Got A Point On That One
      4. It Will Be New Graphics And New Build And Buy Options

  78. Sarah Splash

    Thats so cool Quxxn!


  80. Seaturtle202

    Omg I’m so excited!

  81. Saffron finch

    Yes!!!!!! Now time to start the countdown clock! Will you do an LP on it? 😝

  82. Charlotte Brunton


  83. The sims look a bit too cartoony hopefully that’s just a pic and not what they will really look like :/

  84. Omg I am super excited I hope I could still have children

  85. I hope they keep plumbob! It’s not in the logo this time :(


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  88. Vincent Stolle

    wait this is coming out in the summer

    • fionasterling

      -I think it would come out either in early 2014 (according to some math done by the wonderful Curtis Paradis).
      -OR (which I think is more likely because of money) it will come out towards the holidays, to increase the profit.
      -BUT if TS4 comes out in the early summer (people will have more time to play it but may not be on a paycheck at that moment), then they will have more opportunity to release certain EPs at the ‘right’ time (Pets coming out towards the mid-summer, Seasons coming out near the holidays for the whole ‘Seasons’ mood, and University coming out in the fall).

      So yes, maybe in the summertime, but if EA is going off of profit then perhaps towards the holidays for maximum income, and I don’t think Curtis’ trend makes as much sense because the ‘trend’ has had its limits tested by TS3, which has been a very unique experience from the rest of the franchise. TS3 needs some time to ‘die’, so you will have plenty of time to save up some money for TS4! :D

  89. i wish i could time travel

  90. lolololololololololol

  91. The problems i had with the Sims 3 is that it had too many glitches and crashes making me delete my save games and re-install ALOT. lol so please take a note of that for the Sims 4.

    And can you also help the Sims 4 by make it easy for lots of sims to walk through doors, because in the Sims 3 i did not have fun making a birthday party with hundreds of sims trying to get in a house lol, the party ended with sims trying to leave :)

  92. you know the simmies in the picture looks so less realistic and they kinda look like the simmies in sims 1… i understand why. Then they should have brought back the sims gurus from sims 1…. its just it looks like the sims free play or sims online or sims 1…. If it will look better in the store i just might buy it… I MIGHT.

  93. OH MY GOD!! can not wait!!

  94. Where are the pictures?

  95. Ahhhhhh! This is awesome but looking at the sims they dont look as good as sims 3 it would be ok if it was sims 2 sims but i just latey got sims 3 and a new sims 3 island paradise its all coming to fast like the smurfs 2 trailer when the “smurfs 2″ hits clumsy.And I was going to get showtime and then season then univerity.It would be better if ea said with your usb camera take a picture of you then you will be on the sims 4 and then you can edit nyourself like the sims (2) (3) “bigger nose smaller boobs d

  96. the pictures aren’t showing up for me where are they?1

  97. That is the picture… At least I think it is 😜

  98. One thing I think The Sims should have added a looong time ago, is that if you take a picture of yourself and upload it, it will make you an automatic Sim :DD

  99. Hey ive been watching quxxns videos awesome wheres the sims 4 pictures???

  100. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE QUXXN!!!!!!!! not literally i just love her vids

  101. Quxxn it would be AWESOME if you could make a youtube video about all the things you want from the new sims game :D

  102. I told my friends this and they were like how do u know this and i was like Quxxn!!

  103. YAY!!! can’t wait for it to come out!! :DDD

  104. All I see are ads -,-

  105. Yay! Finally!

  106. Cant see it…

  107. OOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. hey thequxxn i just watch your video for the sims 4 coming out im sooooooooooo exited right now.. i dont even know if i spelled that right ….. but i love your videos!!! :D

  109. thequxxn im only 8 years old and i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your videos also.. LOL

  110. hey thequxxn can u tell us people when u really know its coming out and can u tell me the phone number of EA

  111. im the biggest fan of u thequxxn i loveeeeeeeeee u!!

  112. can u make lets plays of the sims 4 ??? u know im really excited about the sims 4 and i need stop commenting u cause i want u to talk about me on your website or one of your videos but dreams dont come true do they huh???

  113. i havnt seen the images of the sims 4 yet how do u di it though

  114. i want u to get the island paradise expansion pack on june 28 im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. I hate the hair in the picture D: It looks TERRIBLE.

  116. I think for the sims 4 they should improve fighting interactions and get rid of the cloud. Do you agree?

  117. Love The Sims4

    I Can’t Wit For This game in 2014 To Come In Europe

    Hey Quxxn, I heard that you were in the VIP of the sims 4, I also heard they would let you give input or something, and so I have some ideas that I would at least like you to consider.
    Hope you like them!!!! :D

    *Enabling sims to move to different towns without messing up their family genetics (it would also be easier to transport them without using edit town mode T.T)

    *Having a new tallness/shortness slider

    *Shouldn’t magically transport into their cars

    *Shouldn’t always get roadkill (like when a sim is walking and a car just runs right through them…. awkward….)

    *not have sooooo many rabbit holes..they can be fun occasionally but i think it would be cooler to have no rabbit holes……or at least not very many

    *Have them wear different clothes everyday

    *Fairgrounds? idk sounds kinda fun :)

    That’s all I can think of
    Again, hope you like them! :D

  119. PureGold1856

    Lots of comments lol xD but anyway, I really want them to add height changing, and I know this songs wrong, but in some circumstances have teens sims have like a 1% chance of getting pregers? I don’t know but I’m super excited!


  121. TRAILER NOW !! d;


  123. thequxxn you are so cool i watch all your sims vidoes

  124. They should bring Bella Goth home! The beginning of the game should show a space ship bringing Bella home and they should show them beaming up the fake Bella and then they should tell us what “Really” happened to fix the story. Take us back to TS2! Fix it! No more Pudding! No more TS3! Let us use our TS2 content in TS4. Give us TS2 as we should have had it. Make amends with the community for the total failure of TS3! No more stupid clothes made on the run. Give us what we have been screaming from in our game. Let us decide how we want to play and customize it. Allow us, the players to have mega options! Allow our modders to mod! No rabbit holes at all! No borky game engines! No mega gigs to play TS4! No having to buy a new computer to play TS4 either and no constant patching the damn game! They have so much to answer for and I for one have all the games but refuse to give up TS2. I love TS2, but they need to fix it!!! Looks like that may be where Maxis/Ea is headed. We want the most awesome experience ever! Look at all of the Sims players returning to TS2! This is in indicator of what we are screaming for.

  125. in your university LP once you make a plant sim make a family of plantsims.:) :) :) :)

  126. Thugnificant69

    ^ Don’t Tell Them Too Shuddup Yuh Need
    Too Be Quiet Cos I Love Too See New Peoples
    Blogs !

  127. OMG can’t wait 😆

  128. Hi I’m on my iPod and I can’t find the video or pics or whatever

  129. I was not really a surprised I just shrugged and said “Okay I might get it”.

  130. Not seeing the images. I’ve watched the video ad 5 times now.. :l

  131. Hopefully they have pool tables (at least for the Xbox version, I know they’re in the PC version but only in one of the DLC’s)

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  133. OMG! I cant wait for it to come out! I will get it. I have already started to save up for it! It better be worth it… :)

  134. i hope they’d stop the story progression and the life stages in sims 4, so that we can control every household without any probs. Instead, the ‘aging by days’ must be stopped and if the players would still want the sims to age,then a generation+ option must be provided, which on being pressed would age all the sims in the town to the next stage simultaenously (i.e teens to young adults, adults to elders, toddler to child etc). Again, this is just my view how the game should be and dats all.

  135. The new life state should be a new one like maybe a superhero.

  136. donaldmonfreda

    I hope that add a lot of things like obviously more items more interactions and I hope to dear God that they make it for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and maybe PS4 and Duh PC. another thing I hope for is maybe some of the expansions already in the sims 4 like when u buy the game it already comes with like a college from university life I think it was. and seasons. also maybe you can see inside of cafes and make your own stores for the Xbox version. they allowed u to make your own stores in the sims 3 PC version so Plz EA add making your own stores in Xbox version. and maybe make the game where theres no weird needs like fun and for pets destruction I don’t think there should be that stuff because there just no offense but kinda stupid needs really no offense but u gotta agree with me. and maybe they should add like where u could shoose your time period like kinds age or when gods sun was in the world or modern day or old but still kinda modern day. and that’s all I would like

    • There should be an option to create structures and features for vehicles, furnitures and hopefully culture and fashion

  137. Yay I hope no rabbit holes are in sims 4

  138. where r the pictures btw im on my netbook

  139. I LOVE THE QUXXN SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! <3 she brightens up my day every time im sad and makes me laugh all the time. I know the quxxn might not see this message but I really want her 2 play minercraft & sims 3 island paradise, if its possible?

  140. theres no plumbob?:(

  141. jessica snibly

    Quxxn, when are you going to upload another QQ (Question Quxxn). When you do upload another one, plz choose my question- do you have a favourite boy band and if you do who? Thanks quxxn! :)

  142. Quxxn ???, are you going to be playing sims 3 island paradise? have you seen the trailer? you can be mermaids on it ! I am really exited for sims 3 island paradise, and sims 3 I might explode with exitment, I don’t have a computer, cuz I cant afford one (im on my netbook) so im hoping you will play sims 4 and sims 3 island paradise, if you do, please can you tell us when?

  143. Better quality real life like.. but i’m just thinking.. is that gunna be it? new furniture, yeah yeah. itll be more expensive to… I think thats why i will stay with sims 3.

  144. I also see some people have a point. WHere’s the logo :( im not trying to be all that negative but they havent put out much info either. Will there be new expansion packs too? But they seem to be working hard on it so… ok…

  145. is sims 4 going to be TOO expensive, im just thinking here, don’t mind me, but what if its a rip off im just thinking I might be wrong, but I think thequxxn should stay with sims 3, because its got LOADS of cool expansion packs and the sims 4 might be a bit, you know, MORE expensive furniture, its just I like the way sims 3 is, its kinda ruining the fact are there even going to be expansion packs, are the sims going to do your command? are there going to be more clothes for the sims? are the sims in the village going to look more attractive? are there going to be more moodlets? are you able to see them going into work, restaurant’s and hospitals? are there going to be anymore glitches anymore? PLEASE quxxn do you know any of these answers please if you do can you tell us the answers?!?!?!?!?

    • Anything that has to do with Sims and EA will be called too expensive by many people. And EA needs it that way, you can’t just give out a game for little or no cost, you can’t make money that way. As for you wanting Quxxn to stick with the Sims 3, she obviously isn’t going to give up on the Sims 4 now. This is a wonderful opportunity for her and for the Sims franchise. By having Quxxn and other gamers helping with the development of the game, I would like to think you would have more confidence in it. Also, people can stick with the Sims 3 if they want. So if you want to stick with the Sims 3, nobody is forcing you to move on the Sims 4. That’s all up to you.

      And your questions are practically rhetorical. Of course the Sims are going to go by our command! It’s the Sims! And more clothes? Of course! There are going to be expansion packs and store items for the Sims 4 just like there were/are for the Sims 2 and the Sims 3! And the townies looking more attractive isn’t really something I understand being a concern. Sure, you might want to have your Sims marry other Sims who aren’t going to make their kids look like aliens, but I also think that having imperfect Sims is better than having so many perfect ones. Does everyone in real life look perfect to you? And if you want perfect Sims, you can always switch things up before going in game. New moodlets come with every new expansion pack and premium content item, so I would think the same for the Sims 4. Again, with the money. It WOULD be cool to see them go about their lives instead of just rabbitholes but first of all, the technology available may not be able to get rid of rabbitholes completely. Second of all, if you have a large household, it is easier to manage your Sims when they go into a rabbithole, you’ve seen what it’s like when everyone has a profession. OF COURSE there will be glitches, not everybody will have the best computer to play this on so there will be glitches. Even with a proper computer, there will always be some issues, but some simmers such as Crinrict are available to help with those issues. Just go on the Forums.

      Last, but most definitely not least is the fact that when Quxxn DOES find out some things about the game, she may be able to tell us about some, but others swear her into confidentiality. So don’t push her into letting you know about certain things. It is hard keeping secrets about video games, I know, and you want to tell everyone but you CAN’T. This is for the element of surprise for everyone. Now ome people don’t care for surprises but others do, so don’t ruin it for them. This last bit isn’t directed at you, Honey, but I feel the need to post it and with the rest of your questions topped off with this one, it is the perfect place to do so.

  146. kayli reagan

    i can’t wait!!!!! O M G when i watched the announcement trailor i jumped out of my chair, ran through the kitchen, and screamed in my stepmother’s face, “OH MY GOD! THE SIMS 4 IS COMING OUT NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!” i don’t have any better expectations for the Sims4 except for –
    hair movement- i reallly hope that the hair move and reacts more.EX frizz, curling iron, straitening iron eccedera

    put inter actions together- if you, say, wanted to embrace a sim, and kiss them after that. but what if you wanted to do those interactions at the same time? Sims 4 should have that.

    Those were the things that I think the sims 4 should have. LOVE YOU QUXXN!

  147. I can’t wait when I heard I jump out of my chair and screamed yes


  149. hgfoih\abfhiaods\GS

    the sims 4 is going to blow my mind

  150. Yaaay! I’m such a Quxxn Fan! I acnt wait and btw I think they should have teenage pregnancy to make it seem real life. The point of the sims is to PLAY with life and to make your own story so this could be a great addition. Also rebellious teenagers staying up all night etc.

  151. quxxn I think you should make vids more often and BTW I think you should make a create a sim of you

  152. Hi quxxn I watch all your videos and love it but can someone pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee tell me wich site u use to play the sims

  153. I love u and your videos sooooooooooo much quxxn

  154. I love your vids but plz stop cussing

  155. Only 1 pic? Are you guys really going wild after seeing 1 pic of this?

    • Annabeth Brady

      Why wouldn’t we? To find out that Sims 4 is going to be released (on most likely the earlier half of 2014) next year is a big deal. It’s not just the photo that is making people go wild, it’s the actual news itself that’s making us get extremely excited.

  156. were r the pics?


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  159. No offense guys, but this is BUSINESS for EA, nothng else. They aren’t going to please us with millions of awesome stuff in ONE game. They are going to mooch off of us, make cool expansion/stuff packs, and lets face it; people are going to spend way more than its worth just because it looks awesome. Im not dissing the game, just trying to keep you guys from getting too hopeful.

  160. Jessica Snibly

    I am so excited for the sims 4! i heard that the team is going to use all new voices and no recycled ones. It’s also going to be an offline play. Thank god because Simcity was getting on my last nerve with that.

  161. I can’t wait for sims 4! I heard is has AMAZING graphics, that it’s supposed to look almost like real life! Hopefully it does! I can;t wait to get it. I currently play sims 2 and have almost all expansion packs for it. So, i’ll also be playing sims 4 when it comes out. I wounder if they’ll have new expansion packs that they don’t have for any other the other sims……. IDK, they might. My friends and i used to ALWAYS play sims 2 together, before i moved far away. I still play sims and my new friends here like sims too! My friends and i used to play sims all night long for sleep-over, doing all-nighters , and having sleepovers ever weekend or every-other weekend. It was great, just us sims 2 lovers, lol. So yeah, sims 4 is going to be great, i just know it! I’m getting it once the prices maybe go down a bit. IDK. So, until then, i’ll be watching lots of sims 4 videos to see if it’s worth it, most likely it will! I can’t wait! :)

    Can’t wait any longer!!!!! :D :) :D :)

  162. R.I.P. TheQuxxn, too bad you will never see the sims4 :'( WHY CAN’T I STOP CRYING??!!
    I am just going to stop the comment here, bye quxxn

  163. She really died, she went to the hospital for a surgery, it didn’t go well and she didn’t make it. R.I.P Quxxn. <3

  164. Quxxn, once the Sims 4 comes out, I hope you will be able to get a copy of it and play the game for us beyond cloud nine. I am really crushed you left so suddenly. I cried my eyes out for two days straight now, and it would really help if you guys checked out my #QuxxnDay video on youtube. Thanks again, R.I.P our beautiful angel.

  165. I can’t wait to see what Electronic Arts and Maxis will pull out of the hat once they release the Sims 4. Word is out that the new features that will be incorporated into this video game will mostly revolve around enhancing simulation and making the gameplay experience more realistic. I also hope to see better graphics and less cartoonish characters in Sim 4.

  166. Wh9 was quxxn I dont know who she is!

  167. ollymurs+quxxn no.1 fan

    i cant believe that quxxn can’t play it!

  168. She was so excited for sims 4 too. Rest in peace in cloud nine and please keep watching us from there :)

  169. DanTheManTheDan

    Youtube has problems finding videos from Heaven, so no playthrough, but I’m SURE she’ll definitely play it. Since it’s Heaven, she’s probably a beta-tester. :’)

  170. RIP Quxxn we will miss you. You were my biggest inspiration. I wouldn’t watch anyone elses lps because i knew i wouldn’t like them as much as yours. Now you are gone and I WILL miss you with all my heart

  171. Rest in Peace my fellow simmer

  172. Goodbye Quxxn.I just wanted to say whenever I watched your videos it gave me a reason to get up in the morning.


  173. I cant wait for sims 4!! :)



  175. quxxn died everyone we will have to get over it cause her sister doesnt want to be reminded of quxxn cause that will just make her sad just keep quxxn in your minds not in the comments section on youtube or here

  176. um i thought you were dead im not trying to be rude but you died a year ago and you posted it in 2013 you died in 2012

  177. Not getting the sims 4, I don’t like the graphics, the emotion thing or the no sliders.

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