Super Secret Project

So what do you guys think about me posting the script for the super secret project?

SimCity Challenge: The Perfect City (by TheQuxxn)

Challenge Requirements: 2 or more players

Objective: To create the perfect city based on mayor approval rating and employment balance.

Works best when: Players play the game at the same time (preferably while communicating) to avoid confusion  when determining the winner (this is somewhat of a time-based challenge). Players are in the same region.

How to win: The first player to…

  • Have a level 5 City Hall (at least 75,000 sims)
  • Have a mayor approval rating of at least 85%
  • Have an unemployment rate that is less than 5%
  • Have an unfilled job rate that is less than 5%
  • Have a profitable city (even a single simoleon an hour counts)

…will win.

You may choose a higher City Hall level and mayor rating to make it more difficult. You may also choose to play in sandbox mode to make it more easier.

Region: Any

City Specialization: Players can choose to specialize in whatever they prefer but they MUST specialize in something from the City Specialization menu.

Game Speed: Players must decide on playing turtle, llama, or cheetah speed as a whole. Every player must play on the same speed!


  • DLC is free-game. If you got it, use it!
  • Play with people you trust because cheating is a thing…

This is not intended to be the hardest challenge in the world, just something to do with friends. Enjoy!

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Limited Edition Content!

I swear, this has to be the most LE content we have ever gotten with an expansion pack. Tons of clothes, decor, and furniture to really help you tell the story of a shipwrecked household.  I love it. To make sure that you receive the LE of The Sims 3 Island Paradise and all of this awesome content, be sure to pre-order the game through Origin. Also, in a recent interview with SimGuruGraham, he mentioned a community challenge that will not only give those who pre-order the game through Origin the LE content but also a chance to win a free copy of Barnacle Bay from The Sims 3 Store. Here is how it works:

“If the community pre-orders 4,000 copies of The Sims 3 Island Paradise between now and June 21 on Origin, EVERYONE who pre-ordered through Origin will receive The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay for free! You must pre-order inside the June 7-21 window to be counted toward the 4k goal. If you pre-ordered Island Paradise through Origin at any point (before, during or after the challenge window), you WILL get Barnacle Bay if the community hits the goal. So, make sure to pre-order and tell your friends!”

EP10_LE_CAS_Catalog1 EP10_LE_BB_Catalog3 EP10_LE_BB_Catalog2 EP10_LE_BB_Catalog1

SimCity Amusement Park DLC Review


When I first saw that  SimCity would be adding amusement park DLC, I was stoked. Roller Coaster Tycoon was (and still is) one of my favorite PC games of all time. Not to mention I do love theme parks overall. I thought to myself that this is right up my alley.

I would first like to talk about the price, since it’s the first thing we look at when considering to buy it or not. I was expecting this DLC to be anywhere from $15 to $20 but thankfully that was not the case. I picked up the amusement park only $9.99. I believe that ten bucks for additional content is about average when it comes to video games. Typically, limited edition copies of games are an additional $10 to $20, so it all makes sense. People will always complain about having to purchase additional content but why would a company pay people to design content that they are giving out for free? Consumers pay for the game, not for future content to be produced.

Moving along, installing it was a breeze and finding it in my game was as well. There are three different types of park entrances that you can have. Players get to choose to have either a fun, car, or thrill themed entrance but are limited to one amusement park per city. Even though the entrances all have different themes, each park gets the same rides. I was bummed out about this. It would have been cooler if the theme of the entrance was carried out through similar themed rides. The entrance itself is huge compared to the size of the city, and so is the rest of the park. While the park does take up a lot of space, it does not take up enough to where it is difficult to reach a population of over 100,ooo sims. I achieved that population with room to spare. My city also had a pro stadium, fully upgraded airport, three landmarks, and I still had room to expand. City size has always been a complaint of SimCity consumers, and while I do agree, the amusement park still allows you to have a medium-sized (population-wise) city with room for other things.


Fully upgrading the amusement part was a piece of cake. I did find it hard to keep people in my park at first but after plopping down a few more secondary attractions, no one wanted to leave. The theme park immediately attracted tourist but not enough to fill it. I believe that you will (possibly) need some other tourist trap within your city to fill your park but it is not that big of a deal. As a fully upgraded amusement park without every module space being filled, I was making well over 100,000 simoleons a day. I thought that by making so much money so quickly would take away from the complexity of the game but long behold, there were so many other things to worry about in my city that if I was not making that much from the amusement park, I would have went bankrupt. My only complaint is that while I only get paid hourly for the amusement park, my earnings did not reflect in my budget menu which made it appear that I was at times losing money every hour, when in fact, I was not. This is not only a problem with DLC but with some content that was already in the base game.

All in all, I enjoyed spending five hours playing SimCity with this new DLC installed. It does bring more to the game, especially if you enjoy playing the game with a focus on tourism. Is it worth the $10? I would say so. Considering how much time goes into playing and the amount of fun that I have, ten bucks is not bad at all. I do recommend this DLC, and if you go on to buy it, you will not be disappointed! Let me know what you guys think of this new content in the comments below! :)

May Update

QZJ: Some of you may know but some of you may not know that myself, iPodZeke1, and TheSimSupply have created an online radio show dedicated to The Sims 3 (and a few other things, but mostly The Sims 3). We have been doing shows for over a month now (you can watch previous episodes here: It has been great, we talk about things from SimCity to The Sims 4. From time to time we will have guest hosts join the show to mix things up. I invite you all to join us every Sunday at 6PM CST/Chicago (time converter).

Subscriber Mail: Again, something that many of you may already know, but I recently got a P.O. Box after months and months of so many people asking. I have a pile of reply letters that I need to drop in the mailbox, and a ton more to open and read. If you are interested in sending me mail or anything here is my P.O. Box address:


PO Box 1598

Lombard, IL 60148

Upload Schedule: I know, I know… I have a schedule that I NEVER stick to. First, I want to appreciate the people that understand that I have a life outside of the internet. Secondly, I try very hard at times to stick to my schedule but things happen and throws me completely off. You guys are very much a high priority, but at the same time, if I made my life solely about YouTube, I would get burnt out fast. I promise, I’m working on it. Thanks for understanding.

LiveStreams: I remember when I first joined YouTube and found out about livestreaming. I used to do it all of the time, and you know what… I miss it. I’m going to try to do it at least twice a month on the weekends during the day so that most of you all can watch and participate. If you miss a livestream, don’t worry. I will upload livestreams to YouTube the day after.

This was just a small update on what’s inside my noggin. I love you guys <3